Advanced Energy Codes and Policy

Codes & Policy

Code and policies favoring high performance buildings are a critical tool in raising the bar for energy efficiency in new construction and deep energy retrofit projects.


Model Energy & Green Codes

NBI is deeply involved in energy code development: the process of updating energy codes to match advances in building science and construction practices. NBI is also collaborating on developing the energy portions of the nation’s model green (or sustainability) code, the International Green Construction Code (IgCC). Read more

Outcome-Based Energy Codes

Our nation’s current energy codes include structural and enforcement characteristics that will limit the ability to develop significantly more stringent code strategies without major changes. In order to better align building performance improvement over time with widely accepted policy goals and public expectations, it will be necessary to move to an outcome-based code strategy. Read more

Utility Programs & Stretch Codes

NBI builds market capacity for future code cycles by developing advanced code content, making it available nationwide, and working with jurisdictions and utilities to implement it through stretch codes and voluntary utility programs. Read more

Zero Net Energy Policies

Policies and programs can dramatically change the landscape for Zero Net Energy (ZNE) buildings. There is burgeoning market interest in ZNE, and policies and programs can foster and grow that interest through leadership, direct support, and the reduction of risks and uncertainties. Cities and states are leading the way, accompanied by community or district scale efforts. Read more