Podcast: Energy vs. Carbon – Jurisdictions and Utilities Align Metrics

In the fourth episode of our series of NBI staff discussing papers presented at the 2022 ACEEE Summer Study, we talk with NBI  Senior Project Manager, Webly Bowles and Kim Cullinane of Eversource about the shift taking place within utility green building programs to incentivize builders to achieve greenhouse gas reductions, in addition to energy efficiency.

Webly and Kim co-authored the paper Energy vs. Carbon: Jurisdictions and Utilities Align Metrics, which looked at two case studies – one in Texas and one in Massachusetts – that offered helpful insights into key strategies that result in zero energy and carbon neutral buildings. It’s a useful guide for utilities seeking to align their green building programs with the climate goals of the government where they operate.


Read the full paper


The paper was co-authored by:
Rohini Srivastava, ACEEE
Webly Bowles, NBI
Kimberly Cullinane, Eversource
Sarah Talkington, Austin Energy

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