Small buildings get big boost from SMART Scale small commercial retrofit program

Post / October 18, 2016

NBI has long advocated for more attention, tools and resources for energy efficiency in the small business sector. We created the only prescriptive approach approved as a LEED-NC pathway for moving small new commercial buildings to high performance – the...

Congressional Members Look at Reinventing Existing Buildings

Post / September 29, 2015

I had the honor recently of addressing members of Congress on opportunities for “reinventing” existing buildings to achieve high levels of energy efficiency and productivity. The morning briefing was hosted by the Alliance to Save Energy. Why existing buildings? (more…)

Existing buildings get new emphasis and clarity in IECC and other I-Codes

Post / October 15, 2013

In seeming defiance of our own name, New Buildings Institute (NBI) has been working hard on a handful of key issues regarding existing buildings for the 2015 round of International Code Council (ICC) code development hearings. Recognizing the issues that...

Energy Department Invests to Save Small Buildings Money by Saving Energy

Post / July 19, 2013

Following the recent release of President Obama’s Climate Action Plan, the U.S. Department of Energy (USDOE) announced an investment that will reduce energy use while helping U.S. businesses reduce costs. A $10 million investment by USDOE is funding six projects...

The Not-So-New Next Big Thing: Retrofits

Post / July 25, 2012

For several years, NBI has been exploring and researching strategies to drive deep energy savings across the existing commercial building sector. As we’ve noted before, there are upwards of 71.6 billion square feet of commercial space across the U.S. and...

The Best (Re)Invesment: Big Payoffs with Green Retrofits

Post / March 7, 2012

It takes money to make money. The expression certainly applies to green retrofits: throw some cash at upgrading your 20+-year-old HVAC system and you’re likely to see the reduction in utility bills pay for the first costs and more before...

The 12 Themes of Retrofit

Post / December 21, 2011

In these final days of 2011, a report of our September Summit on Deep Energy Retrofits (DERs) is on my holiday list of things to wrap into a colorful package with ribbons of logic and bows that compel change. The...

Tackling 71.6 Billion Square Feet

Post / October 2, 2011

NBI recently hosted the 2011 Deep Savings in Existing Buildings Summit, gathering more than 80 innovative thinkers on energy savings and the built environment. Held in Boulder, Colorado, the three-day event was organized as part of NBI’s ongoing work to...

Sources of Inspiration in the Search for Deep Energy Savings

Post / August 24, 2011

It’s been said that the greenest building is the one already standing.  There’s a lot of truth in that when you consider the embodied energy of building materials and, with luck, a cultivated sense of place.  At least in the...

Selling the Savings: Deep Energy Retrofits

Post / August 9, 2011

Despite growing awareness of the need to become radically more energy efficient, the small to mid-sized commercial real estate market has been slow to implement energy efficiency retrofits. This sector represents a majority of the existing commercial building stock and...