Together we can redefine what’s possible in the built environment

What part will you play in solving the greatest challenge of our time?

Our sights are set on 2030 – the year when all buildings are targeted to be carbon neutral. We intend to keep doing what we’ve done best since our founding in 1997: accelerate adoption of next practices in energy performance for the built environment.

Our role is critical to creating buildings that are so energy efficient they can be powered affordably by renewable resources or even create excess energy that can offset carbon-based power sources. This is a future where high performance buildings represent a driver for local economies that creates jobs and saves homeowners and businesses money on energy expenses. This future offers a solution for climate change and creates more resilient spaces that will stand up to the extreme weather of a changing planet.

With the support of our partners and contributors, we’re changing the playing field for energy performance in commercial buildings.

Partnership Levels and Benefits

NBI partnership  for utilities and corporations provides opportunities at a variety of levels to create change through energy efficiency.  We also allow for individual donations from those who want to support our important work.  We’re excited that you’re considering a partnership. Please contact Meghan Humphreys, [email protected], 503-761-7339 x111, or fill out the form below and one of our staff will be in touch shortly.



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