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Online Tool / December 19, 2015 / Zero Net Energy

NBI works to identify, research, analyze and promote commercial buildings that are leaders in low- and –zero energy performance outcomes. Here you will find in-depth information about high performance buildings across the United States, Canada, and beyond. The database includes information on measured and modeled energy performance, environmental characteristics, design process, finances, and other aspects of each project. Members of the design and construction teams are listed, as are sources for additional information. Find more answers to questions in the Getting to Zero Building Database and Registry FAQ. The Getting to Zero Project Portal is an access point to the DOE’s High Performance Buildings Database.

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* The Net Energy Use Intensity (EUI) includes both whole-building energy usage and on-site renewable generation and may be modeled (estimated) or measured (actual). ZNE buildings will have an EUI of zero or less (a negative number indicates generation exceeds use). See each project’s energy section.