NBI's Key Initiatives

NBI has worked collaboratively for almost 25 years with industry market players that include governments, utilities, energy efficiency advocates and building professionals to promote advanced design practices, innovative technologies, public policies and programs that move buildings to zero energy and zero emissions. Our work falls into three major program areas (Getting to Zero Leadership, Building Innovation, and Advanced Codes & Policies) and includes six key initiatives where our efforts can make the largest impact. NBI staff members can help your organization achieve zero energy and zero carbon emissions. Contact our development manager to learn more, her email appears below.

Getting to Zero in Schools

NBI works to transform the ways American school buildings use energy. We are working with school district leadership, design professionals and facilities managers to advance zero energy in school buildings.

GridOptimal® Buildings Initiative

NBI’s GridOptimal® Buildings Initiative has created new metrics by which building features and operating characteristics that support more effective building-to-grid operation can be measured and quantified.

Advancing Cities and States

Cities, states and other governmental entities have immense power to cut carbon emissions for everyone. NBI envisions a future where every government building is zero energy with significant carbon reduction benefits.

Next Gen Program

Next Gen is a professional development program of New Buildings Institute for college students, designed to to foster the next generation of diverse buildings industry leaders, and in doing so, bolster inclusivity in the buildings industry at large.

Leading in LA

Leading in Los Angeles (LiLA) combines an innovative set of commercial technologies targeted across lighting, shading, and HVAC. These end uses make up the majority of a building’s energy use (70% for a typical office).

Advanced Water Heating Initiative

The Advanced Water Heating Initiative (AWHI) is a collaborative, market transformation effort of over 50 organizations working to catalyze a rapid transition to high-efficiency, grid-connected Heat Pump Water Heaters (HPWH).

Low Carbon Financing Specification

In 2021, New Buildings Institute developed a low carbon financing specification that is a first-of-its-kind financing option for owners and developers pursuing low-carbon buildings in new construction and renovation projects.

Contact Meghan Humphreys, Senior Development Manager, for more information.