Advancing Cities and States

Cities, states and other governmental entities have immense power to cut carbon emissions for everyone. Between the nearly 10 billion square feet of commercial real estate that governments own and their responsibility to determine how all buildings are constructed, the potential savings they can create is enormous. But, these savings are only achievable if governments adopt and widely champion zero energy/zero carbon building techniques.

New Buildings Institute envisions a future where every government building is zero energy with significant carbon reduction benefits. The transformation of jurisdictions’ built environment to zero energy could save more than 88 million metric tons of carbon dioxide (the equivalent of taking 20 million cars off the road for a year.)

We are currently working with a number of state and local government entities at various levels and stages including:

  • Developing building and energy codes that move government agencies and their citizens toward a zero energy / zero carbon future. To develop the best tools for each agency, NBI consults its Multi-Measure Matrix (M3 Tool), a dynamic inventory of measures that appear in energy codes and standards as well as those that are under development.
  • Creating code “roadmaps” that engage the community in improving energy efficiency codes and chart a policy-based path to meet energy and climate goals
  • Analyzing public buildings through our Public Building Portfolio Management approach to assess and prioritize portfolios for energy use and recommend retrofits with the highest potential for energy savings or zero energy achievement
  • Training government stakeholders, building owners, architects, trade allies and others to overcome barriers that prevent rapid adoption of zero energy / zero carbon building techniques
  • Custom webinars, charrettes, guides, and training tools, covering best practices for creating and operating ultra-low energy and zero energy buildings

NBI has helped forward-thinking cities, states, and other governmental entities with consultative and educational support. Our team has assisted:

  • Cities: Los Angeles, Washington D.C., San Jose, Seattle, Chicago, Atlanta, Portland, Santa Monica, Cambridge (MA), Boulder (CO), Denver, Reno (NV), Providence (RI), Vancouver (BC), San Francisco, Phoenix, New York City, San Mateo (CA), Grand Rapids (MI), Missoula (MT), Tacoma (WA)
  • States: California, New York, Massachusetts, Washington, Vermont
  • School Districts across the country

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