Combi Heat Pump Webinar


May 22, 2024


10:00 am - 11:00 am Pacific

This webinar will delve into combination space and water heating systems, also known as combi systems. While these systems seem promising, they present a level of complexity that raises questions about their practicality. The current market boasts standalone heat pump water heaters and space conditioning heat pump systems. This webinar will explore whether it is possible to merge them into a singular device and not sacrifice efficiency and cost.

Field research is underway, examining various configurations of space and water heating combined systems. In Europe and Asia there are many more market available combi heat pump and heat pump water heating technologies. Products available in the U.S. market are in early commercialization stages and appear tailored for single-family residential use. Some systems offer cooling as an add-on system while others have cooling offered by default.

Join us for this event to learn about ongoing advancements in combi systems and the need for further exploration to optimize efficiency, affordability, and suitability in order to successfully combine heat pumps for space and water heating.

Panelists include:

Edward Louie
Edward is a Building Energy Efficiency Research Engineer with Pacific Northwest National Laboratory. He loves all things related to building science, energy efficiency, and sustainability. His focus is on residential homes. For retrofitting millions of existing homes, his overarching solution is to implement low-cost, relatively easy-to-execute envelope improvements to reduce air leakage, increase insulation and then meet the thermal loads with very energy efficient heat pumps for space conditioning and domestic hot water.

Pierre Delforge
Pierre is co-founder and head of Product and Operations at Harvest Thermal, where he is leading product design, development, and deployment. Before Harvest, Pierre spent 20 years in the computer industry, and 12 at NRDC where he led building decarbonization policy advocacy. Pierre is passionate about making home decarbonization cost-effective and accessible to all.


Joe Wachunas, Program Manager, New Buildings Institute


This webinar is developed in partnership with San Diego LEARN.

LEARN is a San Diego based workforce education and training program that has partnered with Electrify Now to offer free energy efficiency and electrification webinars. Please visit the LEARN website for more information: