Both Sides of the Meter: GridOptimal Building Strategies (Part 2)


June 13, 2024


10:00 am - 11:00 am Pacific

Buildings are at the center of our energy systems and account for over 70% of US electricity consumption. To succeed in decarbonizing our grid, buildings and the systems within buildings can be part of the solution. These two classes will focus on the foundations to create and operate grid-interactive buildings to optimize their energy use and grid interactions. These strategies lead to resiliency, cost savings, and reduced carbon emissions.

After attending this program, participants will be able to…

  • Specify grid-interactive systems and technologies for buildings with both standalone and integrated systems
  • Incorporate GEB considerations into energy modeling
  • Identify how distributed energy resources can support grid-interactivity
  • Communicate the value of investing in GEB measures to project stakeholders


Speakers Include:

Mischa Egolf

Mischa Egolf is a Technical Associate at New Buildings Institute (NBI) and part of NBI’s Building Innovation team. Mischa applies her engineering background to conduct data analysis, create data visualizations, and complete technical research for NBI projects and Initiatives. Through building science expertise, Mischa quantifies the energy, cost, and carbon impacts of energy efficiency and decarbonization measures in both the residential and commercial sector.


Alexi Miller

Alexi Miller is the Director of Building Innovation at NBI. Alexi oversees and leads several programs and initiatives at NBI including the Advanced Water Heating Initiative and the GridOptimal Initiative. Alexi and his team form NBI’s technical backbone, leading and supporting projects that advance emerging technology and best practices for accelerating building decarbonization. Alexi has expertise in a range of topics including zero energy and zero carbon buildings, code and policy, building controls, deep energy savings retrofits, and emerging technologies. Prior to joining NBI in 2013, he spent six years at The Cadmus Group. Alexi is a registered Professional Engineer in Mechanical Engineering in Oregon.