Persuasive Communications and Building Codes

NBI is deeply involved in energy code development in the commercial sector, including pursing an Outcome-Based Compliance Path for the 2015 IgCC. With more than half of U.S. states still with outdated building energy codes, employing the power of persuasive communications has proven essential for codes advocates to help turn the tide. An NBI partner, Resource Media recently launched “Cracking the Code’ – a communications guide to help building code advocates find and tell persuasive stories about the need for updated residential building codes. Many of the key points for the residential market—better comfort, lower energy costs, less environmental impact—translate to the commercial sector. The materials are certainly worth taking a look.The resource is based on a three-year campaign led with Utah Clean Energy that resulted in state lawmakers passing a bill to update the state’s codes. It includes tips on messaging, story development, story pitching and editorial board outreach, with examples of materials used in successful media outreach efforts. Learn more