Climate change prompts a push away from natural gas

Published by Everett Herald: While the gas industry describes heat pumps as “not a silver bullet,” many do consider them a major weapon in the battle to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Heat pumps not only provide efficient space heating but double as air conditioners, because they can transfer warm air in either direction. It isn’t common for homeowners to ditch gas entirely, but heat pump purchases are a increasingly popular one. And policy is moving that way. The Washington State Building Code Council is expected to approve proposals requiring heat pumps for space and water heating for new residential construction.

Washington’s bountiful supply of carbon-free hydropower makes the move away from residential use of gas a logical choice here, said Sean Denniston of the New Buildings Institute, a Portland-based nonprofit.

“Electrification isn’t always decarbonization,” he said. “In Washington, it’s a slam-dunk choice.”

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