40% Stretch Energy Standard

Guideline / February 14, 2019 / Codes And Policy

The 40% Stretch Energy Standard is a set of stretch code strategies that target 40% better efficiency in commercial buildings than current national model energy codes. Stretch codes, also called reach codes, provide an opportunity to introduce advanced practices in a local market ahead of full adoption of the base energy code. Buildings are responsible for 40% of the total carbon emissions and 70% of the electricity consumption in the United States and this resource can support local governments seeking tools and strategies to guide improvements in the energy performance of their local building stock.


This guide is a follow-up to the 20% Model Stretch Code, which was released in 2017. Both guides are part of a larger project focused on the technical development of advanced energy codes and policies, and on support for jurisdictions to adopt and implement these approaches. Ultimately, this series of provisions with increasing stringency for commercial construction could be considered and adopted by cities as advanced local code amendments, stretch codes, policies and/or incentive program standards.