Commentary: It’s time for Delaware to act on climate change

Published by Bay to Bay News: Please join us in urging the elected officials at all levels to take prompt legislative and administrative actions at the systemic level to reduce the risks to life and property in Delaware from declining biodiversity, rising pollution and rising greenhouse gases. The governor and the legislators must set specific science-based carbon-reduction targets to close what the governor’s report calls “the climate action gap” across all four primary carbon sectors of Delaware, and it must be “at scale and on time,” as the science dictates. We see these as the essential, structurally connected “four legs” of Delaware’s clean, green future:

  • Zero-carbon technology via renewable energy, electric vehicles and building new energy-efficient buildings according to the New Buildings Institute’s (NBI) Decarbonization Building Decarbonization Code.
  • Zero-carbon-compatible toxic-free diets and environmentally friendly food-production systems.
  • Zero-carbon-compatible walkable community design, like compact, verdantly tree-lined communities, and at-scale investment in preservation of nature to deal with excessive rainfall or heat waves.
  • Zero-carbon-compatible cultural shifts to well-being-based consumption, i.e., less consumption, more recycling and implementation of public policies that promote improvement in quality of life.
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