Taking the (Fuel) Blinders off Energy Codes

Paper / August 27, 2018 / Codes And Policy

Amidst a backdrop of the Arab Oil Embargo of 1973 and a perception of physical limits on energy resources, the obvious policy imperative of a new generation of energy codes was to reduce the use of all types of energy. These energy codes emphasized reductions in the use of all fuel and energy types, and it was generally accepted that one type of fuel should not be favored over another type of fuel. This paper examines those direct links between fuel types referenced by energy codes and climate policy, and how upcoming energy codes can address emission impacts of building designs.


NBI staff presented this paper at the 2018 ACEEE Summer Study.

The second paper on this topic is also now available, Taking the (Fuel) Blinders off Energy Codes Part 2: Metrics and Mechanics in the Modern Era.