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Solving for the 11% embodied carbon in the built environment

Webinar / June 25, 2021

As clean energy policy and practice ratchet down operational carbon emissions in the built environment, embodied carbon becomes a larger share of buildings’ carbon footprint. In this webinar, participants will learn about primary sources of carbon embedded in the manufacturing…

Existing Building Retrofits: An integrated solution set for energy and occupant benefits

Webinar / June 22, 2021

Today’s work environment is rapidly changing. Keeping it comfortable and controllable with the latest technology helps occupant experience, tenant retention, reduces energy costs, and provides operators with flexibility and detailed space utilization data. The Integrated Technologies for Energy-efficient Retrofits (INTER)…

Getting to Zero: Grid-Integrated Buildings

Webinar / April 29, 2021

The role of buildings and the grid is changing as historic grid infrastructure strains to handle more centralized and distributed renewable resources, electric vehicles, and smart systems. Growing trends toward all-electric technology deployment further challenge grid health. But solutions are…

Industry Titans Roundtable – Getting to Zero in the Building Sector by 2030

Webinar / April 22, 2021

Zero energy and carbon neutral pledges from leading building industry organizations are accelerating the AEC community toward zero. US Green Building Council, ASHRAE, Urban Land Institute, World Business Council for Sustainable Development, and other industry titans have committed to progressing…

Getting to Zero: Buildings Case Study Jam

Webinar / March 25, 2021

Prime examples of net zero buildings are found across the country and total over 700 verified and emerging projects, according to NBI tracking. This webinar features some of the best buildings to date with a Case Study Jam format that…

It’s Getting BETR: The Building Electrification Technology Roadmap is Here

Webinar / February 25, 2021

Building electrification technologies are potential game changers for getting to zero in the built environment. Listen to NBI’s Cathy Higgins and Alexi Miller and NBI Senior Fellow Alexis Karolides from Point Energy Innovations to learn about new research on market-ready…

Advanced Water Heating Initiative Playbook and 2020 Progress

Webinar / February 11, 2021

Water heating is the second largest energy use in U.S. homes. Heat Pump Water Heaters (HPWHs) are a decades-old, proven technology, and are two to four times more efficient than electric resistance or standard gas water heaters. HPWHs support a…

Getting to Zero: Carbon Neutral Codes

Webinar / January 28, 2021

For decades, U.S. building energy codes have centered on kilowatt-hour savings in buildings. But urgency on climate change is pressing us to rapidly address and mitigate carbon and other greenhouse gas emissions from the built environment, which is responsible for…

Zero Net Energy Residential Forum

Webinar / December 15, 2020

In this National Grid webinar, residential designers present zero net energy projects involved in the National Grid Rhode Island zero net energy pilot program. New Buildings Institute details the process, technologies, and strategies needed to achieve deep energy savings and…

Zero Net Energy Commercial Forum

Webinar / December 8, 2020

This National Grid webinar features commercial case study projects with deep energy savings and zero net energy designs. Hear about the progress regional architecture firms are making in meeting the American Institute of Architects (AIA) 2030 Commitment and find out…

Getting to Zero in Affordable Multifamily Buildings

Webinar / December 3, 2020

NBI's Getting to Zero webinar series provides ongoing opportunities for knowledge sharing around actionable solutions to drive the highest levels of efficiency in buildings. Low-income communities are most at risk of being left behind as local jurisdictions pursue ambitious carbon…

Decarbonization Technologies: What We Have, What We Need

Webinar / October 29, 2020

Best of the Forum on-demand webinar: Take stock of the current state of the building technologies needed to drive decarbonization at scale. In this webinar, moderated by Clay Nesler, a report is provided on Johnson Controls' recent Energy Efficiency Indicator…

Decarb for a New Tomorrow

Webinar / October 20, 2020

Natural gas accounts for over 50% of the recent carbon dioxide growth in the past few years, leading some policymakers to look at building decarbonization to meet local climate goals. Designers are seeking new technologies to reduce carbon and meet…

Planning and Design for Getting to Zero in Schools

Webinar / October 8, 2020

Zero energy school construction is a growing trend across the country. An innovative combination of internal and external champions, integrated design, energy efficiency management strategies and renewable energy is making these possible at little to no extra cost. The key…

The Getting to Zero Market Landscape and 2020 Getting to Zero Buildings List

Webinar / September 24, 2020

On-demand webinar: NBI has been tracking the zero energy building sector for over a decade and our annual Zero Energy Buildings List was recently released with nearly 700 zero energy verified and emerging buildings being tracked! In this webinar, NBI’s Alexi Miller and…

Codes and Policies to Advance Zero Goals: Policies for Retrofits and New Construction

Webinar / June 18, 2020

This is a Best of the Forum session. States and local governments are actively developing policy approaches aimed at driving towards zero energy and/or zero carbon new buildings and deep emission reductions for existing buildings. Across jurisdictions, successful strategies involve…

National Grid Zero Net Energy Spring Forum: Policy

Webinar / June 2, 2020

The National Grid Zero Net Energy Spring Forum Policy Webinar features experts on leading ideas and policies from regional jurisdictions. Topics include stretch codes, innovative programs, and incentives that will support owners and project teams. Join local and regional professionals…

National Grid Zero Net Energy Spring Forum: Design

Webinar / May 19, 2020

The National Grid Zero Net Energy Spring Forum Design Webinar features local technical experts who highlight case study projects that feature deep energy savings and net zero design. Join local and regional professionals who are interested in learning methods to…

A Deeper Dive into Zero Net Carbon Schools

Webinar / May 18, 2020

Building on the overview provided in the Zero Net Carbon Schools webinar hosted on April 1, 2020, this 2-hour webinar took place on May 14, 2020. We took a deeper dive into the technical aspects of the process, spheres of…

GridOptimal: Outcomes and Lessons Learned from the First Pilot Project

Webinar / January 30, 2020

This is a Best of the Forum session. AIA credits for this course are available until 1/14/2023. The role of buildings in the grid is changing as historic grid infrastructure strains to handle more centralized and distributed renewables, electric vehicles,…

Getting to Zero Energy in Schools is Achievable! Stories from schools on the path to zero

Webinar / December 17, 2019

This one-hour webinar will highlight two projects that demonstrate the proof-of concept in zero energy school construction: P.S. 62 – the Kathleen Grimm School in Staten Island, NY and John J. Sbrega Health & Science Building at the Bristol Community…

Student Innovation and Initiatives Driving Zero Energy Adoption

Webinar / December 5, 2019

A critical element in any effort to promote a low carbon world is the engagement of all users and stakeholders in the mission. Across the world students are demanding action to reduce the threats of climate change. To engage our…

Overview of the Lighting System Requirements of the 2019 Oregon Commercial Energy Code

Webinar / November 12, 2019 / Energy Codes

The one-hour session will provide an overview of the new building lighting system requirements. The focus of this session will be on the new lighting power density requirements, a discussion on the new lighting control requirements and how to determine…

Overview of the Building Envelope Requirements of the 2019 Oregon Commercial Energy Code

Webinar / November 12, 2019 / Energy Codes

The one-hour session will provide an overview of the building envelope provisions of the OCEC including the updated building envelope R-value/U-factor requirements, continuous air barrier requirements, and other significant changes between the current OEESPC and the 2019 OCEC. Available compliance…

Overview of the Commercial Mechanical Provisions of the 2019 Oregon Commercial Energy Code

Webinar / November 11, 2019 / Energy Codes

This one-hour session will provide an overview of the HVAC requirements for typical Oregon buildings and focus the training on provisions that have a significant impact on the energy use of the building. Available compliance options will be discussed.

The IECC Process Explained: A Guide for Voters

Webinar / November 6, 2019

Are you planning to vote in the 2021 International Energy Conservation Code update this November? If you’re new to the process, watch this free webinar to learn about the 2021 IECC update process. During this 90-minute session, our team of…

Overview of the 2019 Oregon Commercial Energy Code (OCEC) Commercial Provisions

Webinar / October 22, 2019

This one-hour session will provide an overview of the HVAC requirements for typical Oregon buildings and focus the training on provisions that have a significant impact on the energy use of the building. Available compliance options will be discussed.

Top 2021 IECC Efficiency Proposals for Northwest Voters

Webinar / October 15, 2019

Learn about the top energy efficiency proposals under consideration in the 2021 International Energy Conservation Code (IECC) update process — including those with the most potential to impact new buildings located in the Pacific Northwest climate. During this 60-minute session,…

An Important Vote for the Climate: 2021 IECC Proposals To Know About

Webinar / September 19, 2019

Watch this webinar on the 2021 International Energy Conservation Code (IECC) update process. During this 90-minute session, experts will outline the best opportunities for achieving substantial energy savings that will have decades-long impacts on the energy performance of residential and…

Gaining Momentum on Efficiency: Next Steps in the 2021 IECC Update

Webinar / June 25, 2019

Hear about the status of residential and commercial energy efficiency proposals for the 2021 International Energy Conservation Code (IECC) in this webinar. This 90 minute session will feature experts explaining the outcomes from the recent International Code Council Committee hearings…

Getting to Zero Buildings Count and Trends for 2019

Webinar / May 8, 2019

Targets for zero energy and zero carbon outcomes are growing exponentially. Recently, Grand View Research Inc. forecast $78.8 billion of growth in the global zero energy (ZE) building market by 2025. That’s compared to $8.04 billion in 2016, according to…

Tools for Getting to Zero Energy in School New Construction

Webinar / March 21, 2019

Zero energy schools are indeed possible and don't have to come with a premium price tag! Watch this one-hour webinar focusing on new design guidance that helps school projects cost effectively achieve advanced levels of energy savings. NREL's Paul Torcellini…

Technical proposals putting the 2021 IECC on a glide path to efficiency

Webinar / March 5, 2019

Updating of the 2021 International Energy Conservation Code (IECC) is underway! Watch this free webinar hosted by New Buildings Institute and the Energy Efficiency Codes Council to hear from experts working on the 2021 IECC update. With this webinar you…

The GridOptimal Buildings Initiative Phase 1: Metrics, Modeling, and Momentum

Webinar / February 28, 2019

NBI and USGBC are leading the GridOptimal Buildings Initiative, a collaborative project bringing together a wide range of organizations interested in optimizing building performance to promote grid integration. The GridOptimal project team is developing metrics by which building features and…

Schools are Leading! A Closer Look at Districts Getting to Zero Energy

Webinar / February 14, 2019

Schools are leading the race to zero energy (ZE) construction with over 100 verified and emerging educational buildings across the country. These buildings are low-energy projects that consume only as much energy as they produce from renewable resources. Watch this…

Effective Design Strategies for Optimal Energy Performance and Occupant Comfort and Health

Webinar / December 13, 2018 / Benchmarking & Feedback

With building occupants spending an average of 90% of their time indoors, indoor environmental quality is key to occupant comfort and health and provides a unique opportunity to focus on advancing energy efficiency. This one-hour webinar will present best practices…

Perspectives on the Cost of ZNE Retrofits

Webinar / November 29, 2018

The path to Zero Net Energy (ZNE) school retrofits can be a daunting one. Some issues may seem overwhelming. Teams looking to implement ZNE often ask questions like where do I start? How do you pay for it? Learn from…

Electrify for a New Tomorrow

Webinar / November 29, 2018

Portfolio Energy Benchmarking and Prioritization – Step by Step

Webinar / November 8, 2018 / Benchmarking & Feedback

This one-hour webinar covers the practical realities of benchmarking individual buildings and building portfolios, prioritizing audits, and targeting commissioning and retrofit activities that will optimize portfolio energy performance and occupant comfort.

Zero Carbon/Energy Codes: Key Policy Tools to Meet Climate Goals

Webinar / November 1, 2018

As governments of all scales consider options for meeting deep greenhouse gas reduction goals, attention has turned to how to achieve zero energy or zero emissions from new construction in the building sector, which is responsible for more than 40%…

Mission Possible! Southern California Prop 39 ZNE School Retrofit Pilot Case Studies

Webinar / October 23, 2018

This one-hour webinar highlights two ZNE school retrofit projects – one at a district scale and another at a community college. Featured projects include Garden Grove School District and San Bernardino Community College. Viewers will advance their knowledge of the…

National Grid Presents — Turn Building Benchmarking Data Into Actionable Information

Webinar / September 18, 2018 / Measured Results

Cities around the region, including Boston and New York City, require reporting and tracking of benchmarking data. Other cities are embarking on voluntary benchmarking programs to build a more animated energy market. This webinar will show you how to turn…

Dreaming the Future: How Zero Net Energy Design Can Transform the School Environment

Webinar / June 13, 2018 / Existing Buildings, HVAC

Education is rapidly emerging as a leading sector among zero net energy (ZNE), high performance buildings. ZNE schools are highly efficient buildings that can meet all their energy needs with on-site renewable resources. Studies show that classrooms with sustainable attributes…

Prop 39 ZNE School Retrofit Pilot Case Studies

Webinar / May 31, 2018 / Existing Buildings

This one-hour webinar will highlight two projects that demonstrate the proof-of concept in ZNE school retrofits: Newcastle Elementary School and Los Osos Middle School. Attendees will advance their knowledge of the stakeholder engagement, building assessment, design process, and technology applications…

Analyzing City Benchmarking Data with the DOE Asset Score Tool

Webinar / May 22, 2018

Under a cooperative agreement with the US Department of Energy (DOE) through the Cities Leading through Energy Analysis and Planning (Cities-LEAP) project, the City of Portland has been exploring strategies to leverage annual benchmarking and disclosure data with the use…

Nothing beats Zero–Updates on the Trends and Projects that are Getting to Zero Energy

Webinar / March 6, 2018

Zero energy (ZE) buildings are a tiny part of the market but their growth trend is steep and practitioners and policies are accelerating their adoption nationally. Watch this webinar to learn the latest from NBI’s 2018 Getting to Zero Buildings…

The 20% Stretch Code: A New Energy Standard for Cities and States

Webinar / December 7, 2017

To help local jurisdictions advance on energy and climate action goals, New Buildings Institute (NBI) has developed a new model stretch code that targets 20% better efficiency than the ASHRAE 90.1-2013 national model energy code. The new 20% Stretch Code…

National Grid Presents—Benchmarking 102

Webinar / October 12, 2017

Part II of this two-part webinar covers how to build on the basic benchmarking covered in Part I. It will identify the strategies and tools that can be used to take basic benchmarking information and build on it so that…

National Grid Presents—Benchmarking 101

Webinar / September 28, 2017

This session covers the step-by-step process of gathering and entering the required benchmarking data into ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager.

ZNE Schools Retrofit Readiness

Webinar / September 28, 2017

This webinar shares the findings of a recent study, commissioned by the California Public Utilities Commission and conducted by NBI, that identifies opportunities for K-14 schools to achieve a zero net energy (ZNE) performance. NBI investigated decision-making patterns and funding…

National Grid Presents — Office Worker Performance and the Indoor Environment

Webinar / August 31, 2017

Offices pose a unique opportunity for advancing energy efficiency. With relatively consistent activities and energy loads, energy efficiency strategies can be highly targeted for maximum effectiveness. This webinar presents best in class approaches to improving energy efficiency in offices. It…

National Grid Presents — Tools and Design Strategies of Resilient Buildings to Achieve Zero Energy

Webinar / July 13, 2017

Buildings provide fundamental services that allow our society to function every day including comfortable indoor conditioned environments with lighting, ventilation and temperature control. Natural hazards, including severe storms, earthquakes and wildfires, can cut off energy supplied to these buildings, disrupting…

Risks and Rewards in the ZNE Marketplace

Webinar / March 30, 2017

What value is derived to owners and developers from a zero net energy building? This webinar will explore and understand the developer and owner perspectives on investor value of zero and take a close look at income, cost, and risk.…

Planning for Districts and Urban Environments

Webinar / February 23, 2017

Campuses and districts are growing trend in the ZNE marketplace. This webinar will examine the opportunities offered by large-scale developments including real-world examples from projects in Pittsburg and Denver. Challenges presented by dense, urban environments will be spotlighted with analysis…

Zero Net Energy Building Trends and ZEDx Presentations

Webinar / February 1, 2017

New Buildings Institute (NBI) recently completed its annual list of ZNE verified and emerging buildings and hosted a free webinar to share the trends identified through study of these model projects. NBI Research Director Cathy Higgins joins several industry experts…

Introducing SmartScale: a no-cost online implementation guide & toolkit for small commercial retrofit program planners and implementers

Webinar / December 15, 2016

Ecology Action and New Buildings Institute present SmartScale, a cost effective deep retrofit program for small and medium commercial buildings designed for replication in a wide-range of markets across the country. Market-tested with one of the largest municipal electric utilities,…

NBI’s 2018 IECC Proposals

Webinar / October 4, 2016

Find out more about NBI’s 2018 IECC Proposals during this webinar. The NBI team will be joined by multifamily housing and energy efficiency expert and advocate Nehemiah Stone.

Beyond a Building

Webinar / June 22, 2016

With almost 5 million commercial buildings in the U.S., the path to zero energy must include approaches that scale across common ownership, physical areas and prototypes. This session addresses how, where and why portfolios, districts, and developments are joining together…

Deep Energy Retrofit: Getting to Zero Net Energy Capable

Webinar / June 2, 2016 / Zero Net Energy (ZNE)

Learn how to drive 30% or greater energy savings with National Grid and NBI . National Grid has partnered with NBI on an exciting three-part Deep Energy Retrofit webinar series. This is the third and final webinar of this series.

ZNE & the School Community for Administrators and Stakeholders

Webinar / April 27, 2016

This webinar is part of an investor-owned utility (IOU) pilot program aimed at leveraging Proposition 39 dollars to test how some of the state’s existing K-12 and community college buildings can be transformed into ZNE facilities.

Strategies for Getting to Zero

Webinar / March 16, 2016 / Zero Net Energy (ZNE)

Building design teams often start with two key parts to get to zero: passive design strategies and the availability for the production of site renewables energy (often called the solar budget). These speakers will use projects to demonstrate how they…

From Policy to Practice

Webinar / February 17, 2016

Hear what leading states are doing to get their policies, practitioners and their own buildings to zero. The panelists share the work of developing policies from ideation to implementation and the steps on their path to net zero. 1.5 AIA…

Both Sides of the Meter

Webinar / February 17, 2016

It’s a changing world on both sides of the meter and energy is no longer a one-directional transaction. Fuel options and application, storage opportunities and pricing and policy models all influence the new ‘prosumer’ choices. Our panelist will discuss the…

Getting to Zero Energy Outcomes

Webinar / November 4, 2015

Getting to Zero relies more and more on what happens after design with as much as 50% of actual energy use influenced by the occupants and operators. This session brings together best practices, data on occupant driven energy, and new…

Teaming with Technology: A Manufacturer’s Panel

Webinar / October 21, 2015

Leading manufacturers will share their approaches to meet technical and market needs for low and zero energy buildings. The showcased technologies and manufacturer approaches highlight the energy and non-energy benefits of supporting the move to net zero.

Why Net Zero Means Business for Owners

Webinar / September 16, 2015

Any building owner or real estate investor looking at a ZNE new construction or deep energy retrofit project is going to ask, "What value can I derive from the asset and operational changes in a ZNE building?" This session will…

ZNE in California: Lessons Learned, Tools, Trends & New Technology Guides

Webinar / January 20, 2015

California is leading the nation in zero energy buildings and policy thanks to the great leadership and commitment of building innovators and early-adopter owners. Part one provides a 30-minute overview of emerging trends, lessons learned from the first group of…

Staying ahead of advancing energy codes with the New Construction

Webinar / December 16, 2014

With significant increases in stringency in the 2010 edition of ASHRAE’s Standard 90.1 and the 2012 edition of the International Energy Conservation Code, what was once high performance design is becoming minimum code. With the release of the New Construction…

Implementing Building Performance Outcome Requirements

Webinar / July 30, 2014

This webinar focuses on projects that have successfully implemented outcome-based requirements. While the design of these projects is important, these case studies highlight issues related to contracts, teams and processes that drove the ultimate achievement of the desired outcomes.

Occupants, Plug Loads & Controls: What Happens After The Design Plug Load Best Practices GuideTeam Goes Home?

Webinar / June 18, 2014

Achieving zero net energy is not a point in time indicated by a plaque on the wall. It is a continual and ongoing process that requires the engagement of facility managers and occupants.

New Challenges in Net Zero Design

Webinar / June 16, 2014

Designing and delivering zero net energy projects brings a new set of challenges to designers: new building elements and technologies, new tools, and issues that in the past have been outside the scope of design efforts. Successful teams have found…

Transition to Net Zero: Design Paradigms for Creating Ultra-Efficient Buildings

Webinar / April 28, 2014

Architects, engineers, owners, operators and utilities come together during this session to understand the business motivations of pursing zero net energy projects, potential for this advanced design practice to become more widespread, and the technical and design challenges that need…

Incremental Costs of Zero Net Energy Buildings

Webinar / April 16, 2014

One of the most common barriers to zero net energy projects is the concern over incremental ZNE mapcosts compared to typical building practices. This session highlights the results of recent studies by states and organizations that explore the opportunities to…

Making the Business Case for Zero Net Energy Buildings

Webinar / March 19, 2014

Zero net energy buildings are gaining market and media attention as the leading edge of design and business strategy for the built environment.  A growing number of America’s leading companies such as Walgreens, TD Bank and PNC Bank are building…

State and Local Policies and Programs to Promote Zero Net Energy Buildings

Webinar / February 26, 2014

Several states and federal agencies have integrated a zero net energy goal into their long-term energy policy and program strategies. 

2014 Getting to Zero Status Update Webinar

Webinar / January 16, 2014

Zero net energy projects, policies and programs are emerging across North America.