Getting to Zero in Affordable Multifamily Buildings

Webinar / December 3, 2020 / Getting to Zero

NBI's Getting to Zero webinar series provides ongoing opportunities for knowledge sharing around actionable solutions to drive the highest levels of efficiency in buildings. Low-income communities are most at risk of being left behind as local jurisdictions pursue ambitious carbon reduction goals. Presenters from The Community Preservation Corporation and Association for Energy Affordability will share challenges, lessons learned, and actual cost data from successful zero energy affordable multifamily projects. Multifamily Case studies will cover new construction, deep energy retrofits, getting to zero in a hot-humid climate zone, and more. ASHRAE will present their upcoming AEDG zero energy multifamily guide. 1 AIA LU|HSW credit.

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For those of you interested in the upcoming ASHRAE Advanced Energy Design Guide for Affordable Multifamily Buildings, it will be available sometime in January 2021 on the ASHRAE website at