A Deeper Dive into Zero Net Carbon Schools

Webinar / May 18, 2020 / Getting to Zero, Key Initiatives

Building on the overview provided in the Zero Net Carbon Schools webinar hosted on April 1, 2020, this 2-hour webinar took place on May 14, 2020. We took a deeper dive into the technical aspects of the process, spheres of influence in decision-making, and tools to successfully implement your own zero net carbon (ZNC) project. This webinar features case study presentations from David Kaneda and John Andary of Integral Group who discuss their long-term success in transforming schools and districts to pursue a zero net energy and carbon outcome. The webinar also included presentations from Carrie Brown of Resource Refocus who dove into the technical aspects of the ZNC process. Intended for K-12 & community college administrators, operations managers, school board members, and other influencers, this training goes in depth on ZNC school retrofit strategies, lessons learned from districts and technical experts, and resources in designing, constructing, retrofitting, and operating school facilities on the path to zero. Viewers will walk away with an understanding of the overall process, technical design features, and practices from others who are making ZNC a reality in schools. 2 AIA LU|HSW credits.

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Silicon Valley Energy Watch (SVEW) and the City of San Jose created a short video to provide an overview of zero net carbon buildings and their benefits. The video, intended to be shown as part of this webinar, is available at the top right of this web page. Partner organizations including schools and school districts are welcome to use this video as they see fit with their stakeholders and students. For any partner interested in re-branding the last frame so their logo and url replace the City’s, please email Tina Gonterman at [email protected]. She will provide you access to an adjustable file to do so.

Additionally, Michael Slater of Frontier Energy spoke about a program offered by Frontier Energy to retrofit school cafeterias with Heat Pump Water Heaters. Pilot schools would receive a detailed hot water system audit to determine the energy use of the current setup, and a free hot water system retrofit. More information can be found on pages 63-66 of the slide deck PDF. The new system will be ZNC-friendly and is a great first step towards an all-electric kitchen! If interested, please email Michael at [email protected].

We want to thank our partners Silicon Valley Energy Watch for supporting the development of this Zero Net Carbon webinar series.