ZNE in California: Lessons Learned, Tools, Trends & New Technology Guides

Webinar / January 20, 2015 / Zero Net Energy

California is leading the nation in zero energy buildings and policy thanks to the great leadership and commitment of building innovators and early-adopter owners. Part one provides a 30-minute overview of emerging trends, lessons learned from the first group of ZNE Early Adopters in California, and new tools and resources available to support policymakers, designers, advocates and champions. The second part provides a one-hour overview of three new ZNE Technology Application Guides.

PresentationWatch Webinar

Developed by NBI for California, these guides provide information on readily available leading-edge technologies found in today’s ZNE buildings, including: Luminaire Level Lighting Control, Radiant Heating and Cooling + Dedicated Outdoor Air Supply, and Indirect Evaporative Cooling.