Prop 39 ZNE School Retrofit Pilot Case Studies

Webinar / May 31, 2018 / Getting to Zero / Existing Buildings

This one-hour webinar will highlight two projects that demonstrate the proof-of concept in ZNE school retrofits: Newcastle Elementary School and Los Osos Middle School. Attendees will advance their knowledge of the stakeholder engagement, building assessment, design process, and technology applications used in two Prop 39 ZNE Schools Pilot Program demonstration projects.

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Project team members will highlight the challenges and lessons learned in their efforts to retrofit an existing school to an ultra-low energy target and adding renewable systems to offset their annual consumption. Based on these experiences, attendees will be able to apply this knowledge to develop the path to zero in their own school retrofit projects.

Guest Presenters:
Alexis Karolides, Sustainability Practice Leader, Point Energy Innovations
Dave Houghton, Owner, Avila Partners

Follow Up Q & A 

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