The GridOptimal Buildings Initiative Phase 1: Metrics, Modeling, and Momentum

Webinar / February 28, 2019 / Building Innovation

NBI and USGBC are leading the GridOptimal Buildings Initiative, a collaborative project bringing together a wide range of organizations interested in optimizing building performance to promote grid integration. The GridOptimal project team is developing metrics by which building features and operating characteristics that support more effective grid operation can be measured and quantified. Key members include major utilities, RMI, ASHRAE, designers, regulators, and policy makers. Watch this free webinar hosted by New Buildings Institute to catch up on the progress in this exciting initiative so far. Learn about the grid situations around the country that are driving these concerns and see the results of building simulation modeling that defines how, and how much, buildings can shift loads over days and seasons, reduce peaks, maximize self-consumption of onsite renewables, and enhance grid flexibility.

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