An Important Vote for the Climate: 2021 IECC Proposals To Know About

Webinar / September 19, 2019

Watch this webinar on the 2021 International Energy Conservation Code (IECC) update process. During this 90-minute session, experts will outline the best opportunities for achieving substantial energy savings that will have decades-long impacts on the energy performance of residential and…

Helping Cities Lead By Example: the Public Buildings Portfolio Management Initiative

Webinar / September 12, 2019

Hundreds of cities, counties, and states around the country have set aggressive energy efficiency and climate goals. However, there is often a disconnect between these bold goals and the day-to-day operations of public buildings. NBI and our partners EcoEdge and…

Zero Energy Homes Show Continuing Strong Growth

Webinar / July 18, 2019

Team Zero has concluded its fourth annual inventory of housing in the U.S. and Canada on the path to zero energy operations. View an ondemand, NBI-hosted webinar where Ann Edminster shares findings on the current state of ZE housing, with…

Gaining Momentum on Efficiency: Next Steps in the 2021 IECC Update

Webinar / June 25, 2019

Hear about the status of residential and commercial energy efficiency proposals for the 2021 International Energy Conservation Code (IECC) in this webinar. This 90 minute session will feature experts explaining the outcomes from the recent International Code Council Committee hearings…

Getting to Zero Buildings Count and Trends for 2019

Webinar / May 8, 2019

Targets for zero energy and zero carbon outcomes are growing exponentially. Recently, Grand View Research Inc. forecast $78.8 billion of growth in the global zero energy (ZE) building market by 2025. That’s compared to $8.04 billion in 2016, according to…

Understanding the Feasibility of Getting to Zero in School Retrofits

Webinar / April 26, 2019

The majority of school buildings operating today can achieve zero energy performance, and schools looking to upgrade campus buildings have resources they can use to achieve low-energy goals. Watch this one-hour webinar highlighting lessons learned from school retrofits that reduce…

Tools for Getting to Zero Energy in School New Construction

Webinar / March 21, 2019

Zero energy schools are indeed possible and don't have to come with a premium price tag! Watch this one-hour webinar focusing on new design guidance that helps school projects cost effectively achieve advanced levels of energy savings. NREL's Paul Torcellini…

Technical proposals putting the 2021 IECC on a glide path to efficiency

Webinar / March 5, 2019

Updating of the 2021 International Energy Conservation Code (IECC) is underway! Watch this free webinar hosted by New Buildings Institute and the Energy Efficiency Codes Council to hear from experts working on the 2021 IECC update. With this webinar you…

The GridOptimal Buildings Initiative Phase 1: Metrics, Modeling, and Momentum

Webinar / February 28, 2019

NBI and USGBC are leading the GridOptimal Buildings Initiative, a collaborative project bringing together a wide range of organizations interested in optimizing building performance to promote grid integration. The GridOptimal project team is developing metrics by which building features and…

Five Things You Wanted to Know About Our Net Zero Future with Cathy Higgins and Alexi Miller of New Building Institute

Webinar / February 26, 2019

Growth of the commercial net zero construction market is vital to the high performance and zero carbon future. In this webinar, Cathy Higgins and Alexi Miller of NBI report trends and case studies of net zero construction across the US.