Nothing beats Zero–Updates on the Trends and Projects that are Getting to Zero Energy

Webinar / March 6, 2018

Zero energy (ZE) buildings are a tiny part of the market but their growth trend is steep and practitioners and policies are accelerating their adoption nationally. Watch this webinar to learn the latest from NBI’s 2018 Getting to Zero Buildings…

The 20% Stretch Code: A New Energy Standard for Cities and States

Webinar / December 7, 2017

To help local jurisdictions advance on energy and climate action goals, New Buildings Institute (NBI) has developed a new model stretch code that targets 20% better efficiency than the ASHRAE 90.1-2013 national model energy code. The new 20% Stretch Code…

National Grid Presents—Benchmarking 102

Webinar / October 12, 2017

Part II of this two-part webinar covers how to build on the basic benchmarking covered in Part I. It will identify the strategies and tools that can be used to take basic benchmarking information and build on it so that…

National Grid Presents—Benchmarking 101

Webinar / September 28, 2017

This session covers the step-by-step process of gathering and entering the required benchmarking data into ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager.

ZNE Schools Retrofit Readiness

Webinar / September 28, 2017

This webinar shares the findings of a recent study, commissioned by the California Public Utilities Commission and conducted by NBI, that identifies opportunities for K-14 schools to achieve a zero net energy (ZNE) performance. NBI investigated decision-making patterns and funding…

National Grid Presents — Office Worker Performance and the Indoor Environment

Webinar / August 31, 2017

Offices pose a unique opportunity for advancing energy efficiency. With relatively consistent activities and energy loads, energy efficiency strategies can be highly targeted for maximum effectiveness. This webinar presents best in class approaches to improving energy efficiency in offices. It…

National Grid Presents — Tools and Design Strategies of Resilient Buildings to Achieve Zero Energy

Webinar / July 13, 2017

Buildings provide fundamental services that allow our society to function every day including comfortable indoor conditioned environments with lighting, ventilation and temperature control. Natural hazards, including severe storms, earthquakes and wildfires, can cut off energy supplied to these buildings, disrupting…

National Grid Presents — Best Practices for Small HVAC

Webinar / June 8, 2017

Roof Top Unit HVAC systems (RTUs) are ubiquitous in small commercial buildings. Although simple and cost-effective solutions to the HVAC needs of small commercial buildings, RTUs also present multiple challenges to greater energy efficiency. Aging RTUs present multiple opportunities for…

National Grid Presents — Greater Energy Efficiency for Multifamily Buildings — Facing the Unique Challenges

Webinar / May 18, 2017

Learn strategies to achieve greater efficiency in multifamily buildings of all sizes. Multifamily buildings face a unique set of challenges when pursuing energy efficiency. They are buildings that we generally build more like commercial buildings but use more like residential…

Risks and Rewards in the ZNE Marketplace

Webinar / March 30, 2017

What value is derived to owners and developers from a zero net energy building? This webinar will explore and understand the developer and owner perspectives on investor value of zero and take a close look at income, cost, and risk.…