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In our new podcast series, we dig deeper into the research papers authored by NBI staff. We begin with NBI staff that presented at the 2022 ACEEE Summer Study on Energy Efficiency. Professionals from around the world came together at this event to discuss innovative ways to accelerate building decarbonization, increase building efficiency, and advance equity. The conference included formal presentations of more than 400 research papers, and NBI’s contributions spanned a wide range of topics.

Becky Brun sat down with a few NBI authors to learn about the questions they set out to answer, what they discovered, and how they plan to use that information to further NBI’s building efficiency and decarbonization work.

In our first podcast, we hear from Kim Cheslak, Director of Codes for NBI, about the relationship between building codes and existing or proposed building performance standards–also known as BPS. She shares with us some of the ways governments are using codes and BPS to reduce energy use and greenhouse gas emissions of buildings.
Sean DennistonSenior Project Manager, Sean Denniston, talks with us in our second podcast about how NBI’s groundbreaking Building Decarbonization Code can be used by jurisdictions to address not just energy use in buildings, but carbon emissions. Many jurisdictions have ambitious climate-related goals. Ensuring that new buildings emit little—or no—carbon is an important component of meeting these goals.
The third podcast is with Amruta Khanolkar, Senior Project Manager, and she talks with us about the role for codes and standards in transforming the market for efficient hot water technology, heat pump water heaters, and their importance for reducing carbon emissions and meeting climate goals.

Find more about ACEEE Summer Study research papers by NBI staff.

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by Susan Harris, Marketing and Communications Manager, New Buildings Institute



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