LEED study examines building energy performance outcomes

Timeline Stories / June 27, 2022

  This paper presented a study of whole building energy use of various completed LEED buildings throughout the nation. The paper focused on the relationships between predicted and actual energy performance of 90 completed LEED certified buildings. The results of...

NBI Celebrates Its 25th Anniversary

Timeline Stories / June 23, 2022

  “When NBI formed to accelerate the impact of energy codes, the climate crisis wasn’t part of mainstream conversation in the built environment. After 25 years of leadership towards a cleaner, healthier future, NBI leads the best thinking about how...

Partnership with PACE Equity results in CIRRUS Low Carbon Program

Timeline Stories / June 22, 2022

  NBI partnered with PACE Equity on developing the CIRRUS™ Low Carbon Program, which provides specialty financing that rewards projects for pursuing a lower carbon design and construction option. The program is based on an NBI-developed low-carbon specification is for...

Multifamily Guide addresses all aspects of energy performance

Timeline Stories / June 17, 2022

  NBI’s Multifamily Guide recommends advanced energy efficiency measures that offer energy savings for all sizes of multifamily buildings, and provides guidance to resolve key issues for multifamily buildings.   Image: Ramona Apartments, Portland, OR | Sally Painter Photography

NBI Celebrates 20th Anniversary

Timeline Stories / June 17, 2022

Using interviews and guest blog submissions the story of the legacy of NBI was given centerstage to celebrate those NBI thought leaders who made their imprint on the organization and the built environment. Learn more. 

New Construction Guide offers a comprehensive, prescriptive approach

Timeline Stories / June 15, 2022

  Increasing energy code stringency and owner demand for higher efficiency in buildings are challenging design teams to deliver high performance without adding costs. The New Construction Guide was designed to offer a comprehensive prescriptive approach to new commercial construction...

New guide provides school districts with pathways to carbon neutral buildings

Timeline Stories / June 15, 2022

  Informed from participants in the Getting to Zero in California’s School Districts cohort, NBI staff compiled learnings to create the Decarbonization Roadmap Guide for School Decision Makers. The guide includes a full toolbox of customizable resources and templates and...

Denver Shows Leadership with net zero plan to cut greenhouse gas emissions

Timeline Stories / March 28, 2022

  The City and County of Denver released a comprehensive plan to achieve net zero energy (NZE) in new buildings and homes by 2030, one of many initiatives being taking to meet the jurisdiction’s goal of an 80% reduction in...

San José Adopts Strongest Building Code Among Large Cities

Timeline Stories / March 28, 2022

    San José adopted aggressive action to reduce carbon and other greenhouse gas emissions by going beyond the minimum requirements of California’s latest Building Energy Efficiency Standards and encouraging the electrification of buildings. NBI served as a facilitator and...

Massachusetts adopts stretch code based on NBI’s Core Performance protocol

Timeline Stories / March 28, 2022

  The code, based on New Buildings Institute’s Core Performance protocol, was designed to reduce energy use by 30 percent and cut carbon emissions by 40 percent. Upon passing, municipalities in the commonwealth were able to choose whether to adopt...