2019 Zero Net Energy School Retrofit Trainings

No-cost training events to learn how existing K-12 school and community college buildings in California are being transformed to zero net energy (ZNE) performance are available.

California is leading the nation in driving K‐12 schools and community colleges to ZNE performance. Educational events in support of this innovative leadership have been brought to you by California’s Investor-Owned Utilities.

2019 Workshops and Webinars

Two in-person workshops and two on-line webinars in 2019 highlighted the benefits of high performance school sand approaches to achieve ZNE in new and existing schools. Trainings use real-world examples, including those currently underway in the Proposition 39 ZNE Pilot Program, to offer critical insight into the costs, design and construction approaches, and operational needs to successfully achieve ZNE in schools through whole building retrofits.

Who are these for? school administrators, construction and operations managers, business officials, community stakeholders,architects, engineers, contractors, and others interested in high performance design and construction.

Getting to Zero in Schools, Getting to Zero Forum, Oakland, CA – October 9
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Getting to Zero in Schools, Sustainable Facilities Forum, Sacramento, CA – May 16
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Understanding the Feasibility of Getting to Zero in School Retrofits, April 26
Webinar and Presentation Slides
The majority of school buildings operating today can achieve zero energy performance, and schools looking to upgrade campus buildings have resources they can use to achieve low-energy goals. Watch this one-hour webinar highlighting lessons learned from school retrofits that reduce energy consumption enough to allow the remainder to be served with renewable systems such as photovoltaic panels. Industry experts provide a briefing on the innovative approaches that teams are using during the assessment and planning process when retrofitting on the path to zero. This information will be presented as case studies and models for replication in your own design. The webinar will also address operational considerations that are crucial for ongoing successful performance.

Tools for Getting to Zero in School New Construction, March 21
Webinar and Presentation Slides
Zero energy schools are indeed possible and don’t have to come with a premium price tag! Watch this one-hour webinar focusing on new design guidance that helps school projects cost effectively achieve advanced levels of energy savings. NREL’s Paul Torcellini takes us through the Advanced Energy Design Guide (AEDG) for Zero Energy K-12 School Buildings, which establishes a set of energy performance goals for achieving zero energy and outlines strategies for hitting energy targets. The guide builds upon the popular 50% AEDG series with new and updated recommendations. Reilly Loveland of NBI presents the ZE Schools Resource Hub, including California’s Proposition 39 ZNE Pilot resources and other guides for getting to zero energy schools.

Questions? Contact Reilly Loveland, Project Manager. Find more information on previous ZNE school retrofit trainings here.

 2019 Proposition 39 ZNE Pilot Training Series brought to you by California’s Investor-Owned Utilities


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