Multifamily Guide

Guideline / September 6, 2017 / Advanced Buildings

Multifamily buildings offer a largely untapped opportunity for improving energy efficiency. Despite tremendous potential for savings, the multifamily market is hard to penetrate due to complexities in market structure and split incentives. More and more attention is being paid to overcoming these barriers. With support from the MacArthur Foundation, NBI is working with industry partners to accelerate best practices into utility program design and implementation and to make connections between owners, tenants, funders, utilities and energy efficiency experts. We have developed a number of resources to support market advancement.

A new Multifamily Guide has been development with support from NEEA and the Energy Foundation, and in collaboration with EPA’s Energy Star program. This new advanced standard addresses the issues faced when applying building code to multifamily buildings. This single prescriptive standard delivers savings regardless of whether the project is subject to the residential or commercial versions of the IECC, and offers design and construction practitioners support to apply the above-code program. NBI’s package provides measures that are modeled for verified energy savings estimates and incremental cost analysis. For utility incentive program administrators, this analysis allows the use of a single, straight-forward approach to energy efficiency across the entire multifamily market. Efficiency program managers should contact Eric Bruckbauer at [email protected] to learn more.


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