Why Fenestration is a Crucial Part of a Sustainable Future

Published by Window + Door: Buildings generate nearly 40 percent of the annual global greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, according to the World Green Building Council. This figure includes energy used to heat, cool and light buildings as well as embodied carbon from building materials and construction processes. This is where the National Fenestration Rating Council can help reduce carbon emissions from homes and office buildings, particularly as more communities adopt building energy codes.

NFRC’s Sustainability Network is hosting two free webinars in April to celebrate Earth Day. The first webinar took place April 12 with New Buildings Institute. (View the webinar.) In this session, participants:

  • Understood why designers are re-evaluating the amount of concrete, steel, aluminum and other high embodied carbon products in their projects.
  • Learned about the carbon reduction solutions designers are making for and the documentation they will be seeking.
  • Heard about current and pending regulations aimed at reducing carbon embedded in construction products, quickening the need for widespread embodied carbon education
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