Podcast: The New Grid Demands Flexibility

In the fifth episode of our series of NBI staff discussing papers presented at the 2022 ACEEE Summer Study, we talk with NBI Acting Director of Building Innovation Alexi Miller about the ways utility programs can encourage buildings to play an active role in grid transformation.

Alexi co-authored the paper The New Grid Demands Flexibility: How Utility Programs Can Encourage Buildings to Play an Active Role in Grid Transformation Through Demand Flexibility, which outlines how buildings have changed from passive energy consumers to efficient, flexible grid assets that can be used by utility programs. The body of the paper lays out two demand flexibility program frameworks: prescriptive and performance-based.


Read the full paper


The paper was co-authored by:
Alexi Miller, NBI
Obadiah Bartholomy, Sacramento Municipal Utility District
Kevin Carbonnier, NBI
Mischa Egolf, NBI
Sarah Talkington, Austin Energy

Topics Mentioned in this Podcast:

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