New Awards Program Spotlights All-Electric Building Innovation in San Mateo County

Peninsula Clean Energy and New Buildings Institute have launched a new awards program spotlighting all-electric building innovation across San Mateo County.

The All-Electric Leadership Awards and Directory invites designers, builders, developers and owners of all-electric, high performance residential and commercial buildings in San Mateo County to submit projects for consideration in its inaugural leadership award. Projects will also be included on an ongoing basis in an online directory that tracks and showcases local projects.

Submission deadline extended, Award submissions are due by Friday, January 15, 2021.

Greenhouse gasses resulting from the use of natural gas in heating and other applications in buildings represent an estimated 20 percent of all such heat-trapping emissions in San Mateo County.

“All-electric buildings provide a clear path to addressing a significant portion of harmful emissions in our county,” Peninsula Clean Energy CEO Jan Pepper said. “We will showcase innovation that not only can raise the profile of building electrification in our service area but also the potential for such innovation across the state and nation.”

Submissions will be eligible for awards and other recognition in two categories:

All-Electric Leader

These are residential and commercial projects that demonstrate leadership by fully electrifying buildings. Submitted projects must either be in operation with 100% of energy loads electrified or submissions must demonstrate that full electrification is in the planning, design or construction phase. Projects may include new construction or renovated public or private buildings in San Mateo County.

All-Electric Emerging Leader

These are residential and commercial projects that demonstrate major strides towards full electrification. Eligible projects may use natural gas but demonstrate a significant transition away from gas and have a stated goal or plans in process for full electrification. Projects may be retrofits of public or private buildings in San Mateo County. New construction projects are ineligible unless it is demonstrated that all-electric construction is not yet feasible.

Winners will be selected from a panel of independent state and regional building design and electrification experts. Projects will be evaluated based on leadership, innovation, building energy impact, building design and operations and quality of the application narrative.

The virtual All-Electric Building Leadership Awards will occur in Spring 2021.

About Peninsula Clean Energy

Peninsula Clean Energy is a Community Choice Aggregation agency and the official electricity provider for San Mateo County. Founded in 2016 with a mission to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the county, the agency serves 295,000 customers by providing more than 3,500 gigawatt hours annually of electricity that is 95% carbon-free and at lower cost than PG&E. As a community-led, not-for-profit agency, Peninsula Clean Energy makes significant investments in our communities to expand access to sustainable and affordable energy solutions. Peninsula Clean Energy is on track to deliver electricity that is 100% carbon-free by 2021 and 100% renewable on a 24/7 basis by 2025. The agency has earned investment grade credit ratings from Moody’s and Fitch.

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About New Buildings Institute

New Buildings Institute (NBI) is a nonprofit organization working to drive significantly higher levels of energy performance in the built environment resulting in better energy efficiency and reduced carbon emissions. NBI is administering the Peninsula Clean Energy All-electric Building Leadership Awards program.

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