NBI’s Smita Gupta to serve as Director for Federal Facility Decarbonization

New Buildings Institute is proud to announce that Director of Building Innovation Smita Gupta has been appointed as a detailee to the Council on Environmental Quality (CEQ)!

The CEQ is one part of the Executive Office of the President and has been operating since 1969, created as part of the National Environmental Policy Act. The Council is responsible for developing policies around the issues related to climate change including environmental justice, federal sustainability, and preservation of resources such as public lands, oceans, and wildlife.

NBI recently fielded the request for Smita to take a year of time to contribute her expertise in building decarbonization and electrification as Director for Federal Facility Decarbonization. The request cites Smita’s “20 years of experience in efficient and zero energy building design and policy development…In addition, her technical knowledge of building sciences, including energy modeling and simulation and data science, as well as her energy policy and regulations background will provide CEQ with much needed technical expertise.”

In her position, Smita will be co-leading coordination, planning, and implementation activities, and advancing sustainability across the Federal building portfolio. The role will include significant coordination with the Administration and agency leaders, programs, subject matter experts, and components of the Executive Office of the President to support government-wide action on the ambitious goals established in the Executive Order 14057 and related building policies.

Smita will be fulfilling this appointment until the end of August 2023. Alexi Miller, currently Associate Technical Director, will serve as Acting Director of Building Innovation until Smita’s return.

NBI congratulates our esteemed colleague in this opportunity to support federal efforts to decarbonize the built environment equitably and at scale.

Ralph DiNola
New Buildings Institute