How to comment on the 2024 Residential IECC

The public comment draft of the 2024 residential IECC is now available and proposed recommendations could result in energy savings, a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, and improved grid reliability benefits. Because of the potential impact of the code, this review period presents a crucial moment to weigh in on the specific language that jurisdictions will depend on for the next three years to meet their climate commitments.

It’s important to weigh in during this critical code cycle for addressing climate change. The International Code Council and residential consensus committee need to hear your support for building codes that address climate change. Governments, businesses, NGOs, and individuals have until December 16, 2022 to provide comment on the code language that jurisdictions will depend on for the next four years to support achieving their climate commitments.

NBI has developed a number of resources to help you learn how to comment.

Making your voice heard: Commenting on the Draft Residential 2024 International Energy Conservation Code
Public comment drafts were submitted by NBI into the ICC process to advance the Residential 2024 IECC, read them here.
NBI Public Comment Residential 2024 IECC

How to Comment on the 2024 IECC
With this resource you can find step by step instructions for using cdpACCESS. This online portal allows industry market actors to give their comments on the proposed code for residential buildings.
Ways to Engage and Using cdpACCESS

Additional resources

On-demand Webinar: Unpacking the 2024 IECC Residential Public Comment Draft, recorded on November 15
Watch the webinar
Blog: Make your voice heard: Comment on the Residential 2024 IECC update
Read our blog

There are four ways in which you can weigh in, listed below in order of level of effort (lowest to highest).

Indicate which method you would like to use in this google form by December 1, 2022 and we can help you if needed:

  1. Low: Sign on to a letter
  2. Medium: Become a co-proponent on a specific proposal
  3. High: Comment on a specific section
  4. Very High: Suggest changes to specific code language with reason and cost statement 

Bonus: Sign up to attend committee meetings and speak in favor of proposal (amplifies all of 1-4 above)

Sign on Letters

A letter to support building electrification is available with the button below.
Support Building Electrification

For more information

Learn more about what is in the residential draft—watch our webinar, read our blog, and read the full Public Comment Draft #1 for the IECC Residential.


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