Zero Net Energy

Zero net energy (ZNE) has unprecedented potential to transform the way buildings use energy. This ultra-efficiency goal is one that owners can define, design teams can reach for and occupants desire. An increasing number of buildings are meeting this standard, raising confidence that a ZNE goal is realistic given current building technologies and design approaches.

ZNE buildings use no more energy over the course of the year than they produce from on-site renewable sources. Additionally, zero net energy-capable buildings achieve energy performance similar to ZNEs by do not have sufficient on-site power generation. NBI is working on a number of efforts described below that are related to zero net energy performance in commercial buildings.

Getting to Zero Status Update & Webinar

NBI has released a new Getting to Zero Status Update, a look at the numbers, location and features of zero net energy buildings. In addition, NBI has compiled a list of verified and emerging zero energy buildngs and  resource links. Report links and resources

Getting to Zero Webinar Series

NBI is hosting a six month series of webinars pulled from the most popular sessions at the 2013 Getting to Zero Forum. From Design Challenges in Zero Net Design to Occupants and Operations, we will be providing information and first-hand experience from some of the leading names in zero net energy practice. Read more

Share Your ZNE and Exemplary Commercial Building Project

We want to hear about your zero net energy (ZNE) buildings and buildings that demonstrate superior energy efficiency! NBI is updating its current list of zero-net energy (ZNE) verified buildings and creating a registry to track and share information about these projects. We are looking for owners and design teams to submit measured energy use information on commercial building projects that have achieved zero-net energy performance, were designed with the intention of achieving ZNE or are exemplary in terms of energy performance. Share your story

ZNE Communications Toolkit

A ZNE Communications Toolkit offers help to address commCA Maponly asked questions about ZNE, provide consistent communications around this ultra-efficiency goal, and support advocates promoting ZNE in California. These resources represent the foundational pieces of the ZNE Communications Toolkit; however additional materials may also be developed later as needed. We are asking stakeholders to help market test these documents over the summer. Read more

2015 Getting to Zero National Forum

New Buildings Institute, the National Association of State Energy Officials and Rocky Mountain Institute gathered over 250 leading policymakers, designers, building owners, commercial real estate professionals and others Feb. 1-3, 2015, in Washington, DC. Delegates of the 2015 Getting to Zero National Forum shared perspectives on the growth of ZNE policies and projects, learned what it takes to achieve successful zero energy performance and prioritized the strategies that will drive tranformation in the built environment.  Read more

Research & Case Studies

Getting to Zero 2012 Status Update
This report provides the most comprehensive look at the state of zero energy commercial buildings to date. Read more

Zero Net Energy Case Studies
A number of the ZEB and ZEC buildings are highlighted in NBI's Getting to 50 buildings database. Printable profiles with content excerpted from the Getting to 50 case studies are also available. Read case studies

Other Zero Net Energy Resources
Examples of programs or policy documents supporting zero energy-capable construction. Learn more