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Traditionally, energy efficiency and solar have been thought of like beer and wine – two great options that belong in separate glasses. More recently, however, they have become like gin and tonic – two great options that are best together. What has changed and why? This blog from Peregrine Energy Group explains with references to New Buildings Institute’s work. (10/22/2014) Read blog

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Outcome-Base Compliance on the horizon for IgCC with electronic voting as last step

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Just two weeks ago code officials and government representatives from across the country gathered in Fort Lauderdale for the Final Action Hearings on the International Green Construction Code (IgCC). Most notably for the energy-related sections of this model energy code, the voting members adopted an Outcome-Based Compliance Path. The path is critical to achieving the kind of high efficiency design and operations that will be necessary if cities and states are to meet energy policy goals and reduce carbon emissions from buildings—which are currently responsible for 40% of emissions in the U.S.
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