NBI assesses technologies, promotes design approaches, and helps guide policies and programs that will significantly improve the energy efficiency of commercial buildings.

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On April 22 at the National Symposium on Market Transformation in Washington, DC. Cathy Higgins will moderate the working session ZNE from Coast to Coast. Jim Edelson, Director of Codes and Policy, will be speaking in the session The Role of Energy Codes in Getting to Zero Net Energy Buildings. The new report, “Getting to Outcome-Based Building Performance - Report from the Seattle Summit on Performance Outcomes”, created by NBI and the National Institute of Building Science will be announced. The report will also be available here soon.  Learn more

At the IFMA (International Facility Management Association) Oregon/SW Washington Annual Symposium in Portland, Oregon. Ralph DiNola, CEO, will present NBI's Getting to Zero Status Update, and Alexi Miller, Senior Project Manager, will present Virtual Energy Auditing: Cost-effective Strategies for Evaluating and Prioritizing Efficiency in your Portfolio. Learn more

Also in Portland, at the Efficiency Exchange Conference. Mark Frankel, Technical Director, will present Determining if a Building is Ripe for Retrofit or Recommissioning. Learn more

NBI recently conducted research on behalf of NEEA’s Commercial Real Estate (CRE) Initiative. The research team sought to better understand the delivery, partnership strategies and program channels for promoting the adoption of energy efficiency best practices in commercial real estate. Key recommendations in the resulting report include providing clear and consistent messages around a limited set of best practices; setting a progressive path of action that defines best practices; promoting the adoption of corporate sustainability policies; leveraging ENERGY STAR brand recognition; creating peer networks focused on energy efficiency; creating market clarity on available education and training; assisting internal champions in promoting energy efficiency best practices through case studies, specific tools and resources; and leveraging existing CRE partnerships. Read report

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Codes Make a Difference--A Big Difference

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Since its inception nearly 18 years ago, NBI has maintained a strong emphasis on energy codes. Current NBI staff and board members continue the focus established early on by the organization’s founders. We know codes make a difference—a big difference.

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With basic information about your building custom building energy simulations can be created. Learn more

The New Construction Guide provides a perscriptive path for buildings to stay ahead of advancing codes. Watch webinar