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Ralph DiNola, Executive Director, will be among guest panelists at the Public Forum: Getting Towards Net Zero in Cambridge, MA on September 23. The purpose of the forum is for the city to present their Net Zero Task Force's preliminary ideas to the public followed by guest expert analysis and feedback in addition to public comment. He will also be in attendence at the EcoDistricts Summit September 24-26 in Washington D.C. At this year’s summit, they will explore district-scale sustainable development and the public-private-civic partnerships that are laying the groundwork for the neighborhoods of the future. 

Learn about California’s Path to Zero Communications, sharing information about zero net energy (ZNE) outreach will help to prepare for a clean energy future. Register for a webinar on Tuesday, September 23, 10-11 a.m. Pacific and NBI will brief you on our expanded ZNE tool set and outreach plans as well as identify opportunities for collaboration. Additionally a group of "Early Adopters" are working together in California to develop strategies that will lead to successful ZNE projects. Local Government representatives will meet November 3 in San Diego and K-12 Schools representatives will meet November 4 in Pasadena. Learn more 

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The Energy Code Paradox

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What happens when compliance becomes a barrier to achieving energy performance in buildings?

For over fifteen years, New Buildings Institute (NBI) has worked to advance energy codes in jurisdictions around North America. We’ve had some huge wins for higher efficiency requirements in existing buildings, controls for lighting and daylighting hardware and HVAC equipment specifications.
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Register for the technical summit on net zero in Vermont. Learn more

Upcoming forum to focus on zero net energy and exemplary energy performance. Learn more