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The event report from the Getting to Outcome-Based Performance Summit is available now. The report summarizes a working group's examination of the opportunities, barriers and next steps that will transition the commercial building industry to more common practice of measuring real performance outcomes based on actual energy use in an occupied building. Read More

NBI and Architecture 2030 are excited to announce that Architecture 2030 has endorsed a prescriptive path to meet the current 2030 Challenge goal based on NBI’s Advanced Buildings® New Construction Guide. With this path, design teams now have another tool when seeking to meet the 2030 Challenge. Read factsheet

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New Construction Guide and the Architecture 2030 Challenge

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In 2006, Architecture 2030 took a bold step: Challenge everyone involved with the built environment — designers, owners, government, utilities, operators and tenants, everyone — to reach for the goal of Zero Net Energy by 2030. Using the average performance of the American building stock at the turn of the millennium as the starting point, Architecture 2030 then set a series of target reductions that would take us to that goal: reduce energy consumption by 60% by 2010, 70% by 2015, 80% by 2020, 90% by 2025 and Zero Net Energy by 2030. Read more »


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