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The National Institute of Building Sciences and NBI have released the report Getting to Outcome-Based Performance. This report summarizes the Getting to Outcome-Based Performance Summit where attendees delved into the opportunities, barriers and next steps that will transition the commercial building industry from estimating energy use, based on models in the design phase, to measuring real performance outcomes, based on actual energy use in an occupied building. Read press release

A Seattle office building that generates its own electricity, collects its own water and composts all human waste from its restrooms has been designated an ultra-sustainable ‘living building’. Ralph DiNola, CEO of NBI, was quoted in an article published in The Guardian. Between 2012 and 2015, the number of verified zero net energy commercial buildings nearly doubled; the number of buildings deemed capable of eventually reaching that goal nearly quadrupled during that same time period. Mounting evidence also suggests that well-executed deep-green designs can minimize or even eliminate additional upfront costs, potentially neutralizing financial concerns. (4/23/2015) Read article

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Do you really know how close you are to Net Zero?

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“The Zero Energy Performance Index (zEPI) is a straightforward scale that fundamentally shifts how we think about and measure energy efficiency in buildings,” says Jim Edelson, NBI’s Director of Codes and Policy. Edelson traveled recently to the DOE National Energy Codes Conference in Nashville to present on zEPI and explained that rather than using a “percent-better-than-code” metric, zEPI provides an easy-to-visualize scale designers and policymakers can use to track their progress to net zero. Read more »


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