Decarbonization Roadmap Guide for School Building Decision Makers

Guideline / April 25, 2022 / Getting to Zero

The Decarbonization Roadmap Guide is written for those interested in healthy, efficient, carbon neutral school design, construction and operation. It outlines achievable goals that result in healthy, affordable, all-electric facilities, and explains common actions taken by leading districts to operationalize their carbon neutral ambitions. Different stakeholders are likely to interact with this framework in different ways, and the guide shares examples of how this can be done. In addition, the guide links to resources and templates that can be customized locally. While these resources are written with public schools in mind, they can also be used for private schools as well.


A number of customizable templates were also created to accompany the Decarbonization Roadmap Guide that school districts can use:
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Key Additional Resources

Key Messages for Communicating About Carbon Neutral Schools

Effective communication is critical to successfully engaging school decision makers and ultimately achieving an ambitious goal of designing, constructing, and operating healthy, efficient, carbon neutral schools. This document will address key questions around how to effectively communicate these goals and how to engage various stakeholders in the process.
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Interactive Map of Carbon Neutral School Districts

This interactive map includes districts that have addressed healthy, efficient, resilient schools by adopting formal goals to tackle carbon emissions. This database will continue to be updated. Would you like to have your carbon neutral resolution, policy, or plan added to this list? Email [email protected]

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Documents to Inform the Stock Take

A stock take is a chance reflect on the current status of sustainability and energy performance in a district. It is good first step when starting on roadmap development. A stock take uncovers relevant plans, goals, and policies as they currently exist in the district. This document includes a list of common documents where this information might be located.
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Decarbonization Roadmapping Planner

The Roadmapping Planner provides a place to organize a district’s decarbonization efforts. It has detailed work plans that can be customized to guide the roadmap development efforts. The spreadsheet reporting template makes it easy to summarize and share results with stakeholders.
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