To Deal with Climate Crisis, Society Needs to Address Disconnect Between Energy and Health

Published by ecoRI News: As the planet spins into a deepening climate crisis, energy is one of the key topics on the table when it comes to mitigation. But much of the discussion, be it about solar power, wind energy, or geothermal energy, often lacks one critical perspective: equity. “Now it’s time to react and adapt,” said Reilly Loveland, a project manager for the New Buildings Institute in Portland, Ore. “We need to do all of this equitably. As a design community we need to completely re-evaluate the systems in place, we need to analyze who benefits from these systems, who gets things like utility incentives … who can actually upgrade their homes. But in order to revamp these systems, we need to engage with the communities affected, we need to be participating in their processes, instead of in our process.”

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