How all-electric design achieves energy efficiency

Published by Consulting-Specifying Engineer: The electrification of new buildings is a practical and impactful solution to address carbon emissions in the building sector. Predicated on the “greening of the grid,” all-electric building design yields the promise of a carbon-neutral operation. The electric utility grid is changing from carbon emissions and heavy fossil fuel power production to increased production of power by wind and solar (eGRID). Driven by market demand, utilities across the country now offer customers the opportunity to buy carbon-free electricity. Designing for a truly all-electric facility leverages utility-scale investment in renewable energy production to accomplish building energy decarbonization goals.

Electrification of cooking is a necessary piece for cutting gas use and emissions in buildings. As identified in New Buildings Institute’s Building Electrification Technology Roadmap, the challenge of electrified cooking is less an issue of available technology and more an issue of outreach and acceptance. Electric equipment is available for all commonly used kitchen appliances. Gas appliances are publicized in real estate and cooking shows for the ability to deliver superior cooking performance.

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