Biden Wants Zero-Emissions Buildings. No Tiny Windows Needed.

Published by ACEEE: Zero-net-energy (ZNE) buildings—ultra-efficient buildings that produce as much energy as they use with on-site renewables like solar panels—earned a surprising moment in the spotlight last year. Then-candidate Joe Biden called for “legislation to set a new net-zero emissions standard for all new commercial buildings by 2030,” prompting then-President Trump to respond that it “means no windows” and later say it meant “tiny windows.”

Fortunately, one of the keys to a ZNE building—for both for user experience and energy use reduction—is optimizing natural light. But don’t just take our word for it: from office spaces to schools to libraries, here are commercial examples from across the country that prove that ZNE buildings can literally make the future brighter—for both the people working in them and the planet. New Buildings Institute and Team Zero have lists of residential projects, and Zero Energy Project has case studies showing that these apartments and single-family homes are also bright and airy.

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