Biden administration to announce new Energy Star standards, develop emissions targets for federal buildings

Published by Washington Post: On Monday afternoon, the Biden administration will announce a major push aimed at cutting carbon emissions from federal buildings and homes by setting new efficiency standards and investing in innovative research. The White House says that, for the first time, the government will develop “building performance standards” for federal buildings. They are set to establish new Energy Star standards for heat pumps and invest in programs meant to boost adoption of the potentially emissions-saving technology. Also announced was a $10 million investment in research and adoption of heat pump technology, and a partnership with New Buildings Institute (NBI) to accelerate adoption of heat pump water heaters. According to NBI, U.S. households would save nearly 100 million tons of carbon emissions every year by using heat pump water heaters. Smita Gupta, NBI’s director for building innovation, says the administration’s support will help build on a program that has already found success on the West Coast. “Bringing it to the national stage,” she said, “you impact the entire country.”

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