Biden administration ramps up efforts to reduce carbon footprint of buildings

Published by IHS Markit: The Biden administration has devoted a significant amount of attention to the building sector as part of its efforts to reduce US carbon emissions. Led by the Department of Energy (DOE), these programs seek to revive and expand upon Obama administration programs, and to support states and individual developers as they seek to accelerate building efficiency and electrification. DOE says there are almost 129 million non-industrial buildings in the US that collectively use 75% of the nation’s electricity and 40% of its energy. Energy use in buildings is responsible for 35% of US CO2 emissions, according to DOE.

New Buildings Institute will push for an all-electric mandate for new homes in the new ICC, said Kim Cheslak, Director of Codes, in September. “We need to advance the [code] book as fast as we can,” she said in an online posting.

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