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Join us for a webinar tomorrow on tankless gas water heaters and their infamous methane puff

AWHI will participate in an Electrify Now webinar about tankless gas water heaters tomorrow (Wednesday, January 18), from 12:00 – 1:30 pm PST. There they will address the question, how environmentally friendly are tankless gas water heaters? Because these water heaters work on-demand, they offer energy savings over conventional gas tank water heaters. Sales of tankless models have increased dramatically over the years. However, the vast majority of tankless water heaters still run on fossil fuels (natural gas) and new research shows that they emit a puff of methane every time they turn on. This methane leakage works against their efficiency benefits and contributes to climate warming. As more homeowners embrace sustainable choices, they deserve to know about the best options available.

This webinar will feature the Stanford team that led research on methane emissions from tankless gas water heaters and other gas appliances. They will compare tankless gas water heaters to both storage water heaters and heat pump water heaters. In the last decade heat pump water heaters have emerged as an important tool to decarbonize water heating and save families money. Register for the webinar

The Inflation Reduction Act is here and ENERGY STAR is providing new resources to help consumers

Curious about the tax credits for heat pump water heaters in the Inflation Reduction Act? ENERGY STAR has created a resource hub for information about rebates, finding eligible products, and advice on saving energy. Consumers can easily access a variety of information about heat pump water heaters and other electrification technologies. Visit this ENERGY STAR resource

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