Advanced Water Heating Initiative December 2022 Newsletter

The latest newsletter from the Advanced Water Heating Initiative (AWHI) features information on a California study testing 120-V HPWH technology, a recap of Heat Pump Water Heater (HPWH) Day, a funding opportunity from DOE, upcoming stakeholder meetings, webinars, resources, news, and more.

Study Explores Potential of Plug In Heat Pump Water Heaters

In California, 85% of water heaters use gas, with the biggest barrier to electrification being the necessary panel upgrades to install traditional 240-volt appliances. However, a 12-month study, spearheaded by NBI, is testing new 120-volt HPWH technology with units provided to over 30 qualifying single-family and multifamily existing homes. Unlike the 240-volt version, the new 120-volt model can be plugged into an existing outlet, making it easier and cheaper to swap them for conventional models.

Research study participants agree to monitoring and data collection for 9-12 months, covering both summer and peak winter conditions. Periodic surveys will continue to provide feedback on the customer experience and satisfaction level with the equipment. The research team is also gathering data from installers related to installation costs, ease of installation, and training needs. Learnings from this field validation study will provide important insights that will lead to broader adoption of 120-volt water heaters in existing buildings nationwide.

Study findings will be shared, along with recommendations for improving market adoption, in 2023. In the meantime, read an article from CleanTechnica about this technology.

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