Multifamily Efficiency Solutions for New Construction

The rapidly growing multifamily building sector represents a major opportunity to advance goals of improved energy performance, better indoor air quality and more comfortable homes. However, the energy codes regulating the multifamily market split between residential and commercial sectors creating barriers to implementing effective and successful above-code energy efficiency programs.

To take advantage of the opportunity and overcome barriers, NBI has developed Multifamily Efficiency Solutions for new construction projects. The advanced measures described under Multifamily Efficiency Solutions save 15-25% over IECC-2015 and 20-30% over ASHRAE 90.1-2013. The standard offers a single approach for the unique nature of the multifamily market and supports energy efficiency program administrators by:

  • Simplifying program implementation
  • Increasing multifamily energy savings
  • Eliminating the need for costly energy modeling
  • Encouraging program participation by multifamily owners and design teams

The Technical Package

The Multifamily Efficiency Solutions technical package includes:

  • An Advanced Multifamily Standard with 13 core measures and six Additional Efficiency Packages
  • An Energy Savings Study with predicted results from a parametric energy modeling analysis
  • An Incremental Cost Study that estimates measure costs in various locations
  • A market-facing Multifamily Guide with prescriptive details about each measure
  • A complementary webinar series with customizable learning modules.

Multifamily Efficiency Solutions was developed by NBI with support from and in collaboration with the Energy Foundation, the Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Energy Star program.

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Multifamily Efficiency Solutions Brochure

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Direct inquiries about how your program can utilize this package to Sean Denniston at [email protected].