All-Electric Commercial Kitchens

Commercial kitchen electrification is a critical component of building decarbonization but is often thought of as a stumbling block due to its perceived expense, complexity and the affinity of the restaurant industry for gas powered cooking equipment. This webinar explores how and why to electrify a commercial kitchen of any size. It profiles costs and options of electric commercial kitchen equipment, case studies on organizations that have made the switch and offer both the advantages along with any potential challenges in switching commercial kitchens to electric. Hear from New Buildings Institute and the California Energy Design Assistance (CEDA) program along with our guests in this special webinar. (7/26/2023)

  • This event has passed.

2024 Getting to Zero Forum

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Sizzling Solutions: Accelerating Heat Mitigation – Policies, Programs, and Design Dynamics!

Join New Buildings Institute and Cool Roof Rating Council on Wednesday, March 27 for an informative journey through heat mitigation policies and cool surface strategies! In this webinar, speakers will...

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