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Manufacturers Roundtable: Central Heat Pump Water Heaters

This manufacturers roundtable will provide a high-level overview of commercial heat pump water heaters and how they can electrify and decarbonize the commercial water heating sector. The roundtable will begin with an overview of central heat pump water heating (CHPWH) systems. We will hear from the Advanced Water Heating Initiative’s (AWHI’s) Commercial Working Group leaders who have led the way to overcoming barriers in commercial water heating. The session features a manufacturer’s round table with several CHPWH manufacturers, including manufacturers of skid mounted CHPWH systems. Each manufacturer will describe how their products work and answer questions from the audience related to system sizing, design, and installation. (May 31, 2023)

Manufacturers Roundtable and Webinar Series: Decarbonizing Commercial Buildings in California
This is the first of four online sessions where we talk about electrification and decarbonization with manufacturers of key technologies including central heat pump water heaters, all electric commercial kitchens, residential heat pump water heaters, and air source heat pumps.