Rheem Releases 120V Plug-In Heat Pump Water Heater That Can Be Plugged Into Typical Outlet

Published by CleanTechnica: In 2019, the nonprofit-led Advanced Water Heating Initiative  saw the need for a water heater that could be plugged into a typical outlet and avoid the electric panel upgrades to help people easily switch from gas to electric water heaters. Lots of organizations, from utilities to nonprofits (huge shoutout to Building Decarbonization Coalition) to manufacturers, began meeting regularly to dream and design this 120V HPWH into existence. Manufacturers then built demo products that are currently being tested in New Buildings Institute’s California field study.

Rheem became the first manufacturer to bring a product to market with its 120V ProTerra Plug-in that comes in two models — a dedicated circuit model (where the water heater is the only thing plugged into that circuit) and a shared circuit one.

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