Largest Zero-Energy Office Building in the Southeast U.S. Planned in Raleigh

Published by The Energy Fix: A proposed 10-story office building in Raleigh, North Carolina is set to become the largest zero-energy structure in the Southeast U.S. and could boost construction of green high-rises for commercial tenants throughout the region. City Gateway, developed by SfL+a Architects in Raleigh, North Carolina, is designed to produce about 20% more energy than it uses by how all of its systems – electricity, ventilation, windows, foundation and insulation – work together, says CEO Robbie Ferris. “I’m thrilled they’re combining mixed-uses and being a progressive leader in Raleigh,” said Cathy Higgins, director of research at the New Buildings Institute, which tracks zero-energy structures throughout the U.S. “Energy-positive design is an important technology in the efforts to create a more sustainable built environment,” she said.