Module 2: Portfolio Manager and FirstView

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This section consists of two parts:

  • Part A covers Energy Star Portfolio Manager
  • Part B covers NBI’s FirstView web tool

This module is best used by viewing the tutorials in your web browser.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the reach and breadth of Energy Star Portfolio Manager
  • Understand the basis, general method, and results of NBI’s FirstView software tool
  • Describe the abilities and limitations of both Portfolio Manager and FirstView

Part A: Portfolio Manager

To follow along with these tutorial videos, first create a free Portfolio Manager account. (Sign up for an account here). Be sure that you have “conventional EPA units” selected whenespm_logo you create your account. We will be using these units in the Practicum (Module 3).  Once you have created an account, watch the following tutorial videos and follow along to practice the steps you’ll need to take to succeed with using Portfolio Manager both generally and for Module 3.

How to Set up a Property in Portfolio Manager
How to Set up a Property in Portfolio Manage

How to Set up Energy and Water Meters in Portfolio Manager
How to Set up Energy and Water Meters in Portfolio Manager

How to Use Spreadsheet Upload Templates
How to Use Spreadsheet Upload Templates

How to Generate Standard Reports in Portfolio Manager

Part B: FirstView Web Tool

FirstView Diagram

As part of this course, you will be given an account to the FirstView web tool. Once you log in to your account, watch the tutorial videos to learn the process for creating a building profile, uploading data and getting results for your building. These steps are important to successfully complete the Practicum in Module 3 and to use the tool beyond this course.


Screencast 1 Thumbnail
FirstView Training #1


Screencast 2 Thumbnail
FirstView Training #2


Screencast 3 Thumbnail
FirstView Training #3



These modules were developed in partnership with South Seattle College for the Sustainable Building Science Technology program.


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