2014 Getting to Zero Status Update

NBI tracks and studies developments in zero net energy buildings, ultra-efficient structures that use only as much energy as can be produced onsite through clean, renewable resources. Over the past few years, there has been significant growth in the number of zero net energy projects, the size of such projects in terms of square footage, and diversity of building types.

Our most recent study, the 2014 Getting to Zero Status Update: A look at the projects, policies and programs driving zero net energy performance in commercial buildings, examines the numbers, locations, types, ownership, and policy and program drivers for ZNE.  The number of ZNE verified and ZNE emerging (not yet verified) projects has more than doubled since we last reported in 2012, for a total of 160 buildings in North America. An additional 53 ultra-low energy buildings--those with efficiencies on par with ZNE buildings but without sufficient onsite renewables to power the building--were identified as part of the study.

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Report Link and Related Resources

Below are links to the 2014 Getting to Zero Status Update as well as additional release materials. A 90-minute webinar summarizing the findings was held in January 2015.

2014 Getting to Zero Status Update Report & Verified Buildings List

2015 List of Zero Energy Buildings and Interim Update Presentation

Watch the webinar recording of the presentation on the 2014 Status Update

Presentation Slides from Webinar  (PDF, 11.5 MB)

Press Release Summarizing Key Takeways

Media Resources & Frequently Asked Questions

Interactive Map of ZNE-Verified Buildings

Other zero net energy information and resources

Case Studies of ZNE Verified and ZNE Emerging Projects

NBI has produced a set of net zero and ultra-low energy case studies in conjunction with the 2014 Getting to Zero Status Update. These case studies cover a variety of building types, climate zones and uses. 

Access case studies now

Access our set of case studies from the 2012 Getting to Zero Status Update


Graphics from the report are available for use at www.newbuildings.org/2014-zne-graphics Please cite New Buildings Institute as the source and send us a link to the document in which the graphic was used.


Companies and organizations leading in the advancement of zero net energy performance are at the forefront of a transformation in the built environment. NBI would like to acknowledge the entities below for their support of our work in ZNE and this research report.

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