ZE Schools Engagement

Guideline / October 13, 2017 / Getting to Zero

Effective communication is critical to successfully engage your audience and ultimately achieve your goal of designing, constructing, and operating a zero energy (ZE) school. The Zero Energy Schools Stakeholder Engagement and Messaging Guide will help users to address key questions around their communication effort and engage stakeholders in the integrated ZE process.


This document is a companion piece to the Zero Energy Integrated Design Toolkit for Schools and provides overarching messaging with supporting facts, and identifies key stakeholders and drivers. Effective communication revolves around understanding the drivers that motivate decisions made by each stakeholder. In the school market, student educational outcomes are the primary driver of stakeholders. Framing messages with this driver in mind is key to communicating with them on a level that they understand and that motivates them. In addition, most audiences are not very technical so focusing on outcomes rather than the technical way ZE will be achieved may be a more successful strategy.