Technologies: What We Have, What We Need

This is a Best of the Forum session. Take stock of the current state of the building technologies needed to drive decarbonization at scale. In this webinar, moderated by Clay Nesler, a report will be provided on Johnson Controls' recent Energy Efficiency Indicator Survey. Presenters will then share developments in heat pumps, heat pump water heaters, induction cooking, renewable energy, and energy storage systems, and discuss the options for full electric kitchens and how equipment needs differ in residential vs. commercial kitchens. This session will also provide a high-level view of needs and drivers for renewables, including renewable gas, and various forms of storage devices such as batteries and thermal storage options. 1 AIA HSW CEU

Getting to Zero in Affordable Multifamily Buildings

NBI's Getting to Zero webinar series provides ongoing opportunities for knowledge sharing around actionable solutions to drive the highest levels of efficiency in buildings. Low-income communities are most at risk of being left behind as local jurisdictions pursue ambitious carbon reduction goals. Presenters will share challenges, lessons learned, and actual cost data from successful zero energy affordable multifamily projects. Case studies will cover new construction, deep energy retrofits, getting to zero in a hot-humid climate zone, and more.

2021 Getting to Zero Forum

The Forum is the premier event on zero energy and zero carbon buildings, featuring the world’s leading experts who are creating the market-based solutions that are driving a growing movement to define the future of the built environment. While the conference takes place over three days, we also invite you join us in the zero energy and zero carbon movement 365 days a year.