Existing Building Retrofits: An integrated solution set for energy and occupant benefits

Today’s work environment is rapidly changing. Keeping it comfortable and controllable with the latest technology helps occupant experience, tenant retention, reduces energy costs, and provides operators with flexibility and detailed space utilization data. The Integrated Technologies for Energy-efficient Retrofits (INTER) solution set combines solar powered automated shades, an LED lighting upgrade with wireless networked lighting controls (NLC), and light HVAC retro-commissioning to deliver over 20% whole building savings. This webinar will introduce the technologies, their benefits, and speak to the intersection of building energy use, climate goals, and upgrading and integrating building systems. The session includes demonstration case studies from this California Energy Commission funded research project led by New Buildings Institute.

2021 Getting to Zero Forum

The Forum is the premier event on zero energy and zero carbon buildings, featuring the world’s leading experts who are creating the market-based solutions that are driving a growing movement to define the future of the built environment. While the conference takes place over three days, we also invite you join us in the zero energy and zero carbon movement 365 days a year.