Gaining Momentum on Efficiency: Next Steps in the 2021 IECC Update

Join us for a June 25 webinar on the status of residential and commercial energy efficiency proposals for the 2021 International Energy Conservation Code (IECC). This 90 minute session will feature experts explaining the outcomes from the recent International Code Council Committee hearings in Albuquerque, and lay out the best opportunities for achieving substantial energy savings in this important model energy code. The 2021 version of IECC will have decades-long impacts on the energy performance of buildings and presents the best near-term opportunity to dramatically reduce energy use and carbon emissions from new residential and commercial construction projects. Learn about this important process that culminates in a November vote and how you can help make a difference in the 2021 IECC.

Zero Energy Homes Show Continuing Strong Growth

The Net Zero Energy Coalition has concluded its fourth annual inventory of housing in the US and Canada on the path to zero energy operations. Join us on this NBI webinar and hear Ann Edminster share findings on the current state of Zero Energy (ZE) housing. The webinar will include data on trends, emerging developments, and major influences in this still-nascent but rapidly expanding sector of the residential construction industry. Although some findings are consistent with earlier inventories there have also been some dramatic changes.

Helping Cities Lead By Example: the Public Buildings Portfolio Management Initiative

Hundreds of cities, counties, and states around the country have set aggressive energy efficiency and climate goals. However, there is often a disconnect between these bold goals and the day-to-day operations of public buildings. With support from the US Department of Energy, NBI and our partners EcoEdge and Maalka have worked with cities around the country to develop and implement municipal building portfolio strategic energy plans to achieve energy and emissions reductions in public buildings. Join us to hear about the results of this three-year project and to learn about this replicable framework and a wide variety of free, open-source tools and resources available for local governments seeking to lead by example.

An Important Vote for the Climate: 2021 IECC Proposals To Know About

Join us for a webinar on the 2021 International Energy Conservation Code (IECC) update process. During this 90 minute session, experts will outline the best opportunities for achieving substantial energy savings that will have decades-long impacts on the energy performance of residential and commercial buildings . Attendees will learn about critical proposals and public comments, steps governmental members must take to register to vote, and deadlines between now the online voting in November. International Code Council members and their registered voters can help make a difference in the 2021 IECC. Guides from NBI and our national partners will make it easy.

Getting to Zero National Forum

This solutions-focused 2019 Getting to Zero National Forum will spotlight collaborations, policies and practices that are driving better energy and carbon outcomes for buildings. Co-hosted by New Buildings Institute and Rocky Mountain Institute, the conference will gather leading designers, owners, operators, commercial real estate professionals, policymakers, manufacturers and others working on getting to zero energy and zero carbon performance in residential and commercial projects.