Perspectives on the Cost of ZNE Retrofits

The path to Zero Net Energy (ZNE) school retrofits can be a daunting one. Some issues may seem overwhelming. Teams looking to implement ZNE often ask questions like where do I start? How do you pay for it? Learn from two “early adopter” school districts as they highlight their respective approaches to ZNE and describe the cost analysis that support their decisions.

Getting to Zero Energy in New and Existing Buildings

Zero Energy Buildings have become the highest standard for energy efficient and sustainable architecture. Advancements in technology, design strategies and market capacity have brought Zero Energy to the mainstream. This webinar will cover the issues, process and technologies for achieving Zero Energy in new construction projects.

The Path to Zero Net Energy Schools

Schools are leading the race to zero net energy construction with over 100 verified and emerging educational buildings across the country. These buildings offer students and teachers healthy and productive learning spaces and deliver cost avoidance on utility expenses. School districts can implement policies, programs and practices that combat energy and climate volatility and put money back in the classrooms. This workshop will weave the experiences and lessons learned of districts and technical experts as they share case studies about their steps to zero net energy. Attendees will engage in interactive discussions and activities to help them create and implement a framework for their own path to zero net energy.

Effective Design Strategies for Optimal Energy Performance and Occupant Comfort and Health

With building occupants spending an average of 90% of their time indoors, indoor environmental quality is key to occupant comfort and health and provides a unique opportunity to focus on advancing energy efficiency. This one-hour webinar will present best practices to improving energy efficiency with the ultimate goal of zero energy.