Schools are Leading! A Status Update and Closer Look at Zero Net Energy Schools

Schools are leading the race to zero net energy (ZNE) construction with over 100 verified and emerging educational buildings across the country. These buildings offer students and teachers healthy and productive learning spaces and save money on utility expenses that can be reinvested in the classroom. More and more school districts are proving that ZNE is possible in both new construction and existing school retrofits. This one-hour webinar will highlight regional projects and discuss the process of stakeholder engagement, team selection, design and construction and operating to ZNE so that attendees can apply the path to ZNE to projects in their own district.

Tools for Zero Energy in New Construction

This one-hour webinar focuses on new design guidance now available to cost effectively achieve advanced levels of energy savings. The resource, Advanced Energy Design Guide (AEDG) for K-12 School Buildings – Achieving Zero Energy, is the first in a series of guides that is tailored to the design and creation of zero energy buildings. It establishes a set of energy performance goals for achieving zero energy and outlines strategies for achieving energy targets. The guide builds upon the popular 50% AEDG series with new and updated recommendations to get to zero. Additionally, it provides guidance for on-site renewable energy generation.

Understanding the Feasibility of ZNE Retrofits

This one-hour webinar highlights lessons learned from school retrofits that reduce energy consumption enough to allow the remainder to be served with renewable system. Attendees will be briefed on the unique approaches teams take during the assessment and planning process when retrofitting on the path to zero. This information will be presented as case studies and models for replication in your own design. The webinar will also address operational considerations that are crucial for ongoing successful performance.